Implementing an event doesn’t end after you’re done packing and cleaning up after an event!  There are two crucial actions that you won’t want to forget after your event is over.

Event Evaluation Form

Make sure to complete this online form thoroughly: it not only helps you to see what you’ve learned and how you can improve as an event coordinator but also provides a great resource for future coordinators of that event.  If you received SABRC funding for your event, completing this form within one week after the event has ended is mandatory.  A student organization’s ability to adhere to this and the quality of the form(s) submitted will be taken in to account when considering future funding requests.

Thank You Cards

If there is someone or a particular organization that helped you to implement an event, make sure to take the time to thank them!  Send them personalized email or hand-write a thank you card for the event coordinators or your student organization to sign.  Showing your appreciation for the hard work that others put in to making your event a success will build relationships and solidify future event co-sponsorships.