Student Organization Registration Form

  1. Student organizations MUST register EVERY YEAR with the Student Activities Office by September 15th.
  2. The name of your organization must be completely written out - no abbreviations, acronyms, or Greek letters.
  3. All organizations must have a Bradley University employed staff member as an advisor.
  4. The officers of the organization must be enrolled as a student at Bradley University.
  5. Honor societies may register their advisor as president if deemed acceptable by national by-laws.
  6. Recognition societies, honor societies, and academic organizations must have approval from the dean of their college to register.
  7. Club sports must be approved by the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation.
  8. Communication "media" groups, i.e. newspaper, radio station, literary journals, etc., must be approved by the Assistant Director of Student Activities for Programming. 
  9. Social fraternities and sororities must be approved by the Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternities & Sororities.
  10. All new organizations must submit a constitution and by-laws before they will be registered. If they are affiliated with a regional or national organization, they are to submit this constitution and by-laws as well.
  11. A sample constitution and by-laws are available in the Student Activities Office.
  12. Organizations must comply with local, state and federal regulations governing discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, physical ability and sexual orientation.
  13. Organizations can receive space on Bradley's server to establish a homepage and then link it to Bradley University's web site. Contact the Student Activities Office for more information.

Student Organization Registration Instructions

  1. You will need to have the following information to renew/register your organization:
    A. Phone and Email Contact for the following individuals: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer
  2. If registering a new organization please write (NEW) after the name of your organization and submit a Constitution via email to
  3. If applicable, the organization website address.
  4. The mailing address of the organization.
  5. The representative filling out the form, must agree to the non-discrimination and non-hazing policy.
  6. You may list an off-campus advisor if you choose to do so.

Student Organization Registration/Renewal Form