Room Reservation Form

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Raffles are not permitted on campus. If items are being sold (i.e. apparel, cups, etc.), a design must be submitted to Student Activities for approval prior to production. Include the name of the printing company on this document.

Terms of Service

By submitting this reservation form, I agree to keep any music/noise from at my event at a reasonable level and will comply with any request by professional staff, student staff or event attendees to decrease the volume. I further understand that my organization will face financial penalty for failure to return the proper number of tables and chairs and my organization will not permitted to use campus facilities until such penalty is paid.

  • Failure to return the tables/chairs will result in a $40 per table and a $15 per chair charge to the organization.
  • Speakers, amplifiers, musical equipment, etc. are NOT allowed on Olin patio area. You must set up on the grass.
  • Quad reservations are limited to one week per event.
  • If this form is submitted online, Student Activities will send you an email confirming your reservation.