Activity Policies

Accounts Clerk

All SABRC-funded organizations must channel requisitions, purchase orders and purchase requests and deposit any revenue generated from SABRC-sponsored activities through the Accounts Clerk (this includes admission fees and any other discretionary revenues obtained to help defer the costs of any SABRC-sponsored activity).  Failure to comply with these requirements will be in direct violation of SABRC rules and regulations, which may subject these organizations' budgets to review. 

Administrative Costs

SABRC will fund appropriate costs for supplies used for the administrative aspects of campus activities.  SABRC will determine at its discretion whether a submitted cost is administrative in nature.  Higher priority will be given to those administrative costs directly related to SABRC-funded activities.


Activities, programs and expenses shall be reviewed and evaluated by SABRC so that money is allocated in the best interest of Bradley students.  A guideline ceiling of $15.00 per person/participant (assuming realistic income figures based on anticipated income) is recommended for consideration for SABRC funding.  Organizations should realize that activities considered for funding may be reviewed on a cost-per-person basis.  SABRC will not extend front money for any event, and the Board will not fund activities that will pay for themselves.

Attendance Fees

The intent of SABRC funding is to sponsor activities for the Bradley student population.  At all SABRC -funded events, the Board recommends that an admission fee be charged to the general public to offset the costs of the students.  In the event that students are charged admission, the student shall be charged a lower fee than faculty/staff and the general public.  The fee shall be set by the organization, subject to SABRC approval.  A Bradley student ID must be shown to take advantage of rate reductions.  Any additional special rates must first be approved by SABRC.

Auto Travel

Reimbursement for automobile travel shall be limited to current University policy.

Blank Checks

Although SABRC tries to be as flexible as possible in its budgeting process, all amounts for items must be approved prior to spending.  For example, SABRC will not issue amounts for repair funds or miscellaneous expenses unless these items are specifically budgeted for.

Budget Request Quality

SABRC wishes to serve student organizations better by efficiently completing the budgeting process.  This process is delayed by budget requests that are late, poorly prepared, incomplete or inaccurate (including inflated attendance figures).  At the discretion of the Board, the aforementioned budgets will be considered only after all other organizational budgets have been determined and may be automatically placed for emergency budget request consideration. 

Capital Equipment

Capital equipment shall be defined as non-expendable, movable or fixed units which are used in the operation of the organization and have a replacement value exceeding $25.00.  Sound and lighting equipment are examples of capital equipment.  The Board will decide at its discretion whether or not an item qualifies as capital equipment.  After one school year of funded capital equipment use, SABRC shall review the use of the equipment and redistribute equipment funded by the Board, if deemed necessary and proper.

Co-Sponsored Events

Co-Sponsored events which show significant increase in attendance of the event will be given a higher priority for consideration for funding but are still subject to the same criteria as all programs evaluated by SABRC.  SABRC will define co-sponsorships in the following manner:

  • The organization that directly appeals to SABRC for funds will be called the primary sponsor.  
  • All funds for the co-sponsored event will be allocated to the primary sponsor.  
  • The sponsor(s) of activities not directly appealing for funds for the activity will be termed co-sponsor(s); no funds will be allocated to the co-sponsor(s) of the event. 


The use of funds for attending conventions, conferences and seminars will be judged by the value returned to the student body as a whole, with justification of benefits received by the organization and benefits expected to be returned to the student body.

Contracts & Organization Compliance

SABRC mandates that all contracts for SABRC-funded activities, programs or events must be contracted through the Director of Student Activities or his/her designee, who shall have the sole University authority to sign all legal agreements for activities funded by this Board.  Only the Director of Student Activities or his/her designee shall have the authority to negotiate or enter into a contract for any SABRC-funded event.  If any contracts or legal agreements are negotiated and entered by any unauthorized person, SABRC will not accept legal responsibility for these contracts or agreements. 

All organizations that receive funding for SABRC-funded activities must abide by the Policies, Constitution and By-laws of SABRC.  Any deviations from these guidelines must be cleared with SABRC. 

Also, the organizations hosting the events are responsible for turning in any receipts pertaining to the event to the Student Activities Office.  Failure to comply with any of these policies will result in the organization assuming the costs incurred, per University regulations.

Discrimination Policy

Admission to all SABRC funded activities shall be open to all Bradley University students regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic background.  SABRC does not discriminate against any movie based on a rating system.  Movies are funded based on merit.

Duplication Of University Services

SABRC will not fund activities or services that are similar to those provided by the University.  Examples of such services include, but are not limited to, job fairs, study skills seminars and financial aid clinics.

Finalizing The Program

All contracts, dates and locations must be finalized through the Student Activities Office four weeks prior to the event.  SABRC reserves the right to hold funds for any event that does not abide by this policy.

Food And Beverages

Food and beverages are not funded for student activities of Bradley University except in the following cases:  

  1. Off-campus conferences, conventions or seminars endorsed through SABRC for Bradley student delegates.
  2. Receptions, hospitality and meals when contracted for guests of Bradley University.  In the case of meals attended with guests, a maximum of two students from the sponsoring organization may accompany the guest(s) and have their food costs covered.  These costs will be limited to $20.00 per person.
  3. Food must be an integral part of the event, i.e. the Multicultural Arts Festival, Latin Heritage Banquet, etc.

NOTE:  The purchasing of alcoholic beverages with student activity funds is strictly prohibited.

Internal Activities

All programs and costs funded through student activity fees should pay for programs that benefit the student body as a whole.  Consequently, the Board does not fund organizational-related activities outside of administrative costs.  Internal activities include, but are not limited to, cost of advertising for meetings, organizational parties, minutes, newsletters, and food at organizational events.

Late Appeals

The Chairperson shall use his/her discretion in determining the emergency of a budget request.  If the appeal is deemed an emergency, the budget will be presented to the Board.  A late appeal shall be defined as including only those activities already funded, which due to uncontrollable circumstances could not take place without additional funding, or a merited activity that becomes available subsequent to budgeting.  After review of the budget, a decision will be made as to the funding of the appeal.  The Board will not grant late appeals for an event that has already taken place. 

Legitimate Guest Costs

The following items are considered legitimate expenses for the invited guests of Bradley University:

  1.   Transportation (includes primary mode of transportation and any costs of on-ground travel in Peoria).
  2.   Meals - $20.00 per person
  3.   Lodging (only for night required for Bradley appearance). 
  4.   Honorarium and fee for any guests who require payment of fees, honorarium, or expenses.  There shall be a written contract prior to appearance to cover these expenses.

Posting Policy

All SABRC-funded publicity or publicity for any SABRC-funded event may be posted only in University approved posting areas.


SABRC shall not fund organizational salaries or salaries that are defined by SABRC as not being directly related to the funded activity.

Sales Tax

SABRC accounts are tax-exempt. If a student is to be reimbursed for purchases made for a SABRC funded event, the sales tax will be deducted from the reimbursement. A tax-exempt certificate is available from the Student Activities Office and should be used whenever possible.

Special Arrangements

The following clause shall be placed on every SABRC funded publicity: People with disabilities are to contact the Student Activities Office at 677-3050 to request special arrangements.

Special Interest Group Activities

Special interest group activities may be funded, however, the funding of special interest group activities will be given low priority. Specifically, the Board will not fund any when the end financial results benefit a charitable organization or political campaign.


SABRC reserves the right to standardize promotion, hotel, meal, telephone and other administrative costs to conform to current University prices. 

University Credit Cards

Bradley has a number of credit cards available for student organizations to utilize for purchasing supplies for events. A representative must come to the Student Activities Office to request the card needed. Purchases made with these cards will be tax-exempt. Click here for the list of available cards.