Funding Request Forms

SABRC Funding Process

 Click here for the SABRC Event & Capital Equipment Online Funding Request Form

If you are a registered student organization with Student Activities and are planning an event that's open to campus, you may request for SABRC funding.  When you begin filling out the online application form, you'll need to select if it is a "General Event" (for general programs such as comedians, films, themed events, etc.) or "Capital Equipment" (for supplies (as defined in the policies page) for student organizations).

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the SABRC chairpersons or Student Activities staff before you begin filling out your request form if you have any questions or concerns about the application and/or proposed event.  Additionally, please note that SABRC funding requests operate a semester in advance.  This means when you submit an application for the late March deadline, that your event should be scheduled to take place during the upcoming fall semester or even next spring, if you have it prepared that far in advance!

Deadlines (No Late Submissions Permitted)

Online Application & Supplemental Materials Deadline: Monday, November 7 at 11:59pm
Supplemental materials are PDFs, word documents, PowerPoints and the like that provide additional background and support of the event(s) being requested.  Note that this information will be reviewed by SABRC members individually and not displayed during the actual SABRC presentation.  If you wish to provide supplemental materials, please email those to by the deadline above.

Presentation Day: Saturday, November 19 (Time Varies: approximate 5 minute presentations from 9:30-5pm)
Those requesting funding will provide their availability within the last question of the online funding application form.  They will be notified of their specific, scheduled presentation time no later than Wednesday, November 9. 


Late Appeals

The "Late Appeals" policy is a re-branding of the old "Emergency Appeals" policy, with minor changes to encourage manageable, and successful funding opportunities. Here are the key, new additions to this existing policy:

  • Appeals can only be submitted once per semester, three days prior to Monthly Meetings,

  • SABRC does not retroactively fund events.  This means that if your event has taken place or supplies have been purchased already, you are not eligible for funding.

  • SABRC strives to fund events that calculate to $15 or less a person, and SABRC reviews each event request assessing the reality of estimated attendance (based on previous, similar events)

  • Each request must be less than $3,500

  • Appeals must be presented in person at Monthly Meetings

  • Funding decisions are sent to Student Senate for approval

The reason for the changes above are intended to allow for unexpected funding opportunities; it is important to note that Late Appeals do not exist as a way to avoid Semester Funding Deadlines. Allowing an organization to only be funded by Late Appeal once per semester gives an organization the ability to produce one great outcome, instead of multiple average outcomes. Allocating up to $3,500 per Late Appeal gives a requesting organization a balanced, manageable amount of funding. Submitting Late Appeals three days prior to Monthly Meetings and presenting those appeals allows SABRC to better understand a request, and ultimately make more informed funding decisions. Finally, sending our Funding Decisions to Student Senate aligns SABRC's Late Appeals process with its traditional funding process.

To officially submit a Late Appeal, you'll fill out the same online form above for standard funding weekends. 

CSBRC Funding Process (Club Sports)

Club Sports Funding may request for SABRC funding through a the Club Sports Budget Review Committee.  Deadlines associated with this process will be shared with the respective parties via email and the online request form will be posted at