Special Events Reserve Fund (SERF)


To bring higher cost, higher quality programming to Bradley students. Events should be designed to provide education and entertainment and be broad enough in scope so that a large number of Bradley students may benefit from the event.

Nature of the Account

The SERF account is a rollover account - if a balance exists at the end of the school year, that amount will be applied to the following year’s account. In order to qualify for SERF, it is recommended that an event reach a minimum total cost of $20,000 (including promotion and other costs to support the event) and a minimum expected attendance of 750 people. However, the amount funded from the SERF account is at the discretion of SABRC board members.


Organizations appealing for funds will do so in the following manner:

  1. An initial contact must be made with the SABRC Chairperson. A screening committee consisting of the Director of Student Activities and his/her designees will meet with the organization(s) interested in appealing for a specific event through SERF. It is important that organizations present adequate information regarding the event so the screening committee can examine feasibility and make a general evaluation of the program.
  2. Organizations shall then present their application for funding to the Board during the funding meeting, or the Chairperson will call a special meeting to review the proposal. Organizations will be notified of the SABRC decision no later than three (3) business days after the hearing.
  3. If the event is funded, the organization must contact the Director or Assistant Director of Student Activities immediately in order to begin planning for the event. Only the Director or Assistant Director of Student Activities can initiate and negotiate contracts. If the Board votes that a funded program has changed significantly after allocation, the appealing organization will be asked to formally present budget changes and be present for a hearing.
  4. Organizations can appeal for SERF money at any time (pending availability of funds).