Noise Policy

  1. Live bands may only play inside fraternity/sorority houses with special permission (see IFC Constitution).
  2. Music may not be heard outside of a fraternity/sorority house or off-campus housing after 9 p.m., regardless of the day of the week.
  3. Music may be played inside a house, but may not be audible outside after 9 pm.
  4. Indoor music may be played at a reasonable volume at all times.
  5. Serenades at fraternity/sorority houses and residence halls may not occur after 11 p.m.
  6. Basketball may not be played outside fraternity/sorority houses and residence halls after 10 pm.
  7. On Olin Quad, the stage/band must be set up in the grass in front of the concrete bench.
  8. Amplification is not to interfere with classes in session.
  9. Amplification is to end by 9 pm, Sunday-Thursday and 10 pm, Friday-Saturday.
  10. Sponsors of events will be given one warning to adjust their volume if a complaint is received. A second complaint will result with the event being shut down.
  11. Exceptions to this policy must be approved, at least one week in advance, in writing by the Director of Student Activities.