Posting Policy

Posting and distribution regulations include, but are not limited to, posters, flyers, leaflets, booklets, banners, chalking, and table tents. The regulations encompass registered campus organizations, Bradley University departments, offices, facilities and individuals; non University businesses and organizations; sales personnel, and politicians. All groups and persons as stated above must have their materials approved by the Student Activities Office prior to circulation or posting.

In addition, personal and organizational homepages must comply with this posting policy, although they are not subject to pre-approval by the Student Activities Office.

Printed literature should strive to comply with:

  1. The Bradley University Mission
  2. Bradley University’s General Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Statement:
    Bradley University is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities for all persons regardless of age, color, creed, disability, ethnicity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status. The University is also committed to compliance with all applicable laws regarding nondiscrimination, harassment and affirmative action.
  3. Bradley University Regulations as stated in the Student Handbook.
    Printed literature posted and circulated on Bradley University property must not violate the following legal and respectful boundaries. 
    • Libel is a false printed or written statement that will harm a person’s reputation or hold the person up to contempt or ridicule. Spoken words that have this same effect are called slander. Defamation includes both libel and slander. The offense of libel does not lie in writing the words, but in showing them. If the writer of a defamatory letter shows it to another person before mailing it, the writer has published the libel and may be successfully sued for the offense. Showing a libelous picture is considered the same kind of offense as publishing a libelous statement. Group libel is a recent concept, making it a criminal offense to libel a whole class of citizens, for example a group of some single race or creed.
    • Discrimination is to make an objectionable difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual merit.
    • Obscenity is a statement or picture abhorrent to morality or virtue. Determination of compliance with the above specifications will be made by the Student Activities Office. Grievances may be taken to the Student Arbitration Board.


Materials distributed on campus must be approved by the Student Activities Office. Posted materials must display a stamp reflecting approval for posting. Approval for posting and circulation will reflect only the opinion of the Student Activities Office and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Bradley University. Materials may be approved and stamped for posting 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, at 028 Student Center.

Advertising Involving Alcohol

Bradley University will limit the promotion of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances on campus property. Businesses and organizations involved with alcoholic beverages must stress food or entertainment in their advertisements other than those in the Scout, i.e. the majority of the information must not be alcohol related. Such advertising in all cases must try to address only students of legal age. Literature advertising the availability of alcohol must boldly display the clause "Must be 21 to consume alcohol."

Size Limitations

Printed literature other than banners will be limited to dimensions of 11" x 17" or smaller unless authorized by the Student Activities Office. Banners may be hung only in areas approved by the Student Activities Office.


Sponsors of printed materials must boldly display their name on all said literature. Abbreviated names or acronyms must be spelled out. Literature must be printed in English or have an exact English translation printed beneath. Posters regarding sales, rental properties, et. al. must print and identify the name of the sponsoring person in addition to the phone number.

Banner Display

Recognizing that events or special occasions will arise from time to time necessitating the display of a banner, the following guidelines have been established.

ALL banners, prior to being hung, must be initially approved by the Director of Student Activities.

Approved University student organizations may display banners by Olin Hall on the Quad side concrete rail. All academic/auxiliary facility banners may be displayed on the Visitor’s Center/Bookstore or Student Center.

Olin Hall banners are to be 20 foot long by 3 foot high maximum and hung from the concrete rail running along the north side of the patio. The Director of Student Activities may limit the size of banners based on the number of requests that coincide in dates. Banners at this location must be hung with bungee cords or rope.

Visitor's Center/Bookstore and Student Center banners are to be 10 foot long by 3 foot high maximum. Facilities Management Department employees will assist in the hanging of these banners.

Banners up to 6 feet must have a grommet in each corner. Banners more the 6 feet up to 10 feet must have a grommet in each corner and a grommet midway on each long side. Banners over 10 feet long shall have grommets in each corner and two (2) additional grommets evenly spaced on each of the long sides.

Banner construction including lettering must be non-fading.


Posting is limited to designated areas provided by Bradley University. Those areas are bulletin boards located in public areas of academic buildings, Michel Student Center, residence hall lounges, residential hall lobbies, cafeterias, and residential halls. Floors, trees, painted surfaces, doors, windows, cars, trash receptacles, hallways, building exteriors, and shrubbery are NOT designated posting areas. Posters may not be posted over public or information signs, e.g., stop signs, exit signs, official University signs, etc. Only registered campus organizations and Bradley University affiliates may post in classrooms.

One piece of printed literature per event or service announcement will be allowed in any one designated posting place, i.e., one poster per bulletin board.


The Student Activities Office reserves the right to verify signs. The University reserves the right to remove materials that are improperly posted or circulated.

Posting Timeline

Materials for posting and distribution must be approved at least 24 hours prior to the event. All posted literature is to be removed by the sponsor within 24 hours of the approval expiration. Materials not removed will become Bradley University property. Abuse of the removal policy will be brought to the attention of the Executive Director of Student Involvement by the Student Activities Office.


Mailboxes may be used for distribution of printed literature by registered student organizations only with approval from the Student Activities Office. The sponsor must supply labor for stuffing mailboxes during normal residence hall office hours, with a staff member present.


Any requests for chalking on sidewalks must be made to the Student Activities Office. Only registered campus organizations with approved events may petition.


Handouts will be limited to distribution from tables in the Michel Student Center, cafeterias, and outside grounds, with the approval of the Student Activities Office and the appropriate dean or director. Handouts may also be distributed at meetings and events such as lectures when the materials are those of the sponsoring organization. No person-to-person distribution of handouts in public places is allowed. Door-to-door handouts and solicitation are also prohibited.


Businesses must register with the Student Activities Office prior to circulating and/or posting materials. Non-University businesses are encouraged to distribute literature through the Bradley Scout, informational tables, mailboxes, and designated posting areas.


Student organizations are not permitted to sponsor raffles. Non-University organizations must obtain license from the Peoria County Clerk in order to distribute literature advertising raffles. A copy of the license application must be filed with the Student Activities Office.


Non-compliance with these regulations will be referred to the Director of Student Activities, and individuals who violate these policies may be subject to University disciplinary procedures. Grievances by student organizations may be taken through the student non-academic grievance procedure or Student Arbitration Board. University and non-University related organizations may take complaints to the Executive Director of Student Involvement.

Contracting Programs

The Director of Student Activities is required to sign performance contracts under the following conditions:

  1. The program is funded by SABRC.
  2. The program is to be held on campus and is open to all students. In this case, proof of available funds to settle the contract must be presented to the Director.

If any contracts or legal agreements are negotiated and entered by any unauthorized person, Bradley University will not accept legal or financial responsibility for these contracts or agreements.

Fundraising Policies

Student Organizations must register all fund raising activities with the Student Activities Office at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled activity. Fundraisers include all activities where there is a collection of funds, regardless of whether the money is donated to a charity or is deposited in the sponsoring organization's account. Activities include, but are not limited to penny voting, merchandise sales, credit card applications, bake sales, race registrations, etc.

All fundraisers must comply with University, state and local ordinances and laws. Fundraisers associated with the sale or consumption of alcohol is prohibited. Due to the number of legal, tax and operational issues associated with raffles and casino nights, student organizations are not permitted to sponsor them in order to raise funds.

The act of canning or collecting of funds at the intersection of Main and University will not be approved for safety reasons, per the request of the City of Peoria. Date Auctions are not permitted. Bradley University values all individuals and as such does not allow the sale of people or people for service. Fundraising events that have an overnight component must schedule an appointment with the Director Student Activities no less than two weeks prior to the event. Advertisement of fund raising activities must comply with the Posting Policy.