Traffic and Parking


  1. A complete list of parking regulations can be found on the University Parking Regulations Website.
  2. All Bradley University students and employees (including University subcontractor) must register their vehicle with the University and obtain a valid parking permit to park in a designated area. Visitors may park in the visitor parking lot or designated visitor parking spots without a parking permit.
  3. A vehicle must park “front end” into only one parking space, “backed in” parking and cross-line parking is prohibited and will result in fines. Vehicles parked in a no parking zone or a restricted area are subject to fines and towing. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will result in parking penalties and fines.
  4. During certain athletic events, all-school events, special events, and at any time the University may deem it necessary, it may restrict the use of certain parking spaces and lots on the University campus.

Questions and Last Updated

Please direct questions to Jayne Dant. Last updated on 1/15/2021.

Jayne Dant

Jayne Dant

General Services Supervisor

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    (309) 677-2925