I Am Brave

“I am Brave” is a leadership recognition program for Bradley students that offers further continuous leadership development throughout the process and their academic career at Bradley. The program recognizes student leaders who are the essential elements of the University community, including student employees, leaders in student organizations, resident assistants, students that excel in the classroom, local community, and so on.

The recognition form for 2020-2021 is open. Please review the FAQs to learn more about the nomination process.

What can I get from this award?

Besides a t-shirt and recognition certificate, “I am Brave” takes your leadership recognition and further helps to develop the leadership skills of those recognized through leadership workshops. A keynote speech from a Bradley Alum who had taken their developed leadership skills and is now applying them to their career.

When can I be recognized and who can recognize me?

“I am Brave” is an annual recognition program that happens the second week of April every year. This is to celebrate a year of hard work and dedication to the Bradley community. Nominations will open February 1st for other students, faculty, and staff to send in nomination forms for the student body.

How many times can I be recognized?

There is no limit to how many times a student can be recognized, in fact, multiple recognitions is also rewarded. Being recognized for various leadership contributions to the Bradley community gives students the opportunity to become an “I am Brave” Ambassador. Becoming an “I am Brave” Ambassador allows students to join in the planning and further development of other students on campus to help spread the recognition of all the hard work on campus.

Recognition Tips

Here are some helpful tips to consider when writing a nomination:

  • Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. What you write will be identical to what is printed on the certificate.
  • Use full sentences, no fragments.
  • Describe a specific time that the nominee exemplified leadership skills on campus.

The recognition form opens February 1 and closes March 31. Please check back then to submit and recognize a student.