Community Agency Resources

We strongly value our relationships with community agencies and do our best to build, maintain and continually strengthen our partnerships. If you are looking for Bradley student volunteers, professional development opportunities or anything else – you’re in the right place. Please let us know how we can help!

Leadership Development

We offer workshops and presentations on many topics of leadership development. We can tailor any presentation to your class dynamic, expectations and goals. We can help to ensure your students gain the lesson that you want!

We have two organizations that present our leadership development programs:


    • Leaders Instilling Knowledge through Cooperative Service is a capstone program for the experienced student leader who is thinking about leadership and community involvement following graduation. LINCS provides additional experience and education through mentoring, facilitating TEAM Bradley, being a consultant for other student leaders, and conducting informal discussions on leadership. LINCS presents on topics of time management, conflict/confrontation, servant leadership, leadership styles and any other topic you’d like!

Volunteer Coordination

We offer many different opportunities to connect your agency with Bradley student volunteers. Here’s just a few of what we offer:

  • Service on Saturday Member Agency
    • Once a month, over 100 students take part in Service on Saturday! Students work in smaller groups at their choice of several sites from 10am-1pm. Based on your agency's project, we'll send the right number of volunteers to complete your goals in 3 hours!
    • To learn more, see upcoming dates, and apply to be a SoS member agency, click here.
  • Volunteer Fair

    • The annual Volunteer Fair is held in cooperation with the Activities Fair during Bradley Welcome Week in August. More than 35 local agencies and organizations join us at the Activities/Volunteer Fair to spread the word about their organizations and recruit Bradley students to volunteer with them!
    • Contact Student Activities for more information.
  • Volunteer Directory

    • Each semester, the Fellows work to compile information regarding the various community agencies and their specific volunteer needs. Once this information is collected, a directory is created and distributed to each various campus organizations.
    • Looking for volunteers? Let us know! Click below to complete our volunteer request form: