Leadership Studies Minor

The Bradley University Leadership Studies minor is designed to provide students the information, experience and opportunities necessary for them to gain an in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of leadership.  This knowledge will not only benefit the students during their time at Bradley, but will continue to aid them as graduates as they assume leadership positions in their personal and professional lives.  This truly interdisciplinary Leadership Studies program integrates the many opportunities students currently have for leadership on campus.  The minor serves to signify that these students have a deeper understanding of and appreciation for leadership.

A minor in Leadership Studies at Bradley University is an excellent addition to any student’s major.  If students are interested in leading government, business, education or non-profit organizations, they need knowledge and skills to perform the many tasks associated with leadership.  Students at Bradley University assimilate theories on leadership from several disciplines currently offered at the University.  The addition of a minor in Leadership Studies allows students to learn how various leaders respond to the challenges and complexities of managing projects and individuals.

The requirements for the Leadership Studies minor are outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog

For more information about the Leadership Studies Minor, contact Tom Coy, Executive Director, Student Involvement