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Students Today Leaders Forever is a leadership and service organization, best known for our nine-day Spring Break Pay It Forward Tour that stops in six different cities in the US. We are committed to revealing leadership through service, relationships, and action.

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Bradley University Pay It Forward Tour Information:

The Pay It Forward Tour (PIF) is a multi-day, multi-city experience engages students in service and leadership, travel to and service in a new city each day, doing service, learning about social issues, building lasting relationships, and making a commitment to continued action when they return home.  All STLF College Pay It Forward Tours travel to six cities across the country over the course of nine days.  Each tour consists of up to 40 students.  Every Tour is open to students from any school, so tell your friends and register for a Tour today!

Check back in the fall for more info on the routes of the PIF Tour! 

Contact Us With Any Questions:

If you have any questions or would like to talk in person with one of the leaders, please email for more info!