1897 Associates

Bradley University 1897 Associates

The 1897 Associates recognizes alumni and other individuals who have included Bradley in their wills, estate plans, or life income arrangements.

Life income arrangements can include charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, life insurance, or remainder interests in residences and farms.

The gift society complements our annual giving societies and allows the University to honor you as a member of a special group of benefactors.  Nearly 600 benefactors have accepted membership since the Society was established in 1992.  Members are noted in Hilltopics (with permission), invited to Founder’s Day and other selected events, and receive a biography of Lydia Moss Bradley, Forgotten Angel.

For more information, please call Jake Heuser, Vice President for Advancement, at (309) 677-3159 or by email at jheuser@bradley.edu in the Advancement Office.

Current Members:

Jeff and Bonnie Alexander
Charles A. and Audrey (Limonta) Anderson
Harold and Edith Anderson
John and Lucy Anderson
Jeff and Debby Arseneau
John F. Bacilek
Patrick and Eleanor Barron
Allan and Lorie Bartel
Charles W. Barton, Jr.
Elwin and Phyllis Basquin
Dr. Rathi K.* and Sikha Bhatacharya
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bogard
Donald E. Bohatka
John and Janice Bowman
Daniel Brabec
Dr. John R. Brazil
Max G. Brittain, Jr.
Robert W.* and Barbara B. Brown
Stephen and Janice Brown
Tom Browning
Charles and Susan Brunner
Mrs. Marilyn Ross Burton
Paul C. and Arlene A. Bute
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Camplin
Margaret L. Carter
Howard and Sue (Keele) Carver
Larry Coffman
Terry D. and Judith Q. Cole
Drs. Kent and Nina* Collins
Calvin C. and Joan M. Coolidge
Dr. Carol A. Coram
Edward L. Council and Bridget M. McManus
Craig Crawford
John and Marilyn Cross
Kelly J. Dace
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Daly
George Ann Danehower
Ben and Judy Darrow
Dr. James L. and Susan D. Davis
Maynard P. and Elsie M. Davis
Byron and Sylvia* DeHaan
Mike and Lori Dekeyser
Dick and Judy DePalma
Patrick and Nancy Dickerson
Robert and Sharon Dixon
Amy K. Fairfield
Linneaus C. and Phae H. Dorman
Gillian Draper
Dr. Lawrence A. Edler
Richard L. Ehrhardt
James E. Eilers, PhD
Dr. Kenneth E. and Susan Fahrenholtz
Michael G. Fassett
James* and Jane Fiala
Bruce G. Fineman, M.D.
Sylvia* and Don Fites
Calvin A.* and Sharrie A. Flaig
Dianne M. Fleming
Dr. Edward B. Flint and Ms. Jeannette L. Gruber
Jay Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Fox
Anne L. Fredd
Steven and Michelle Frey
Kenneth and Helen Furlong
Carol L. Gard
Leslie Holton Grigg Garvin
Paul and Mary Genis
Bruce Genthner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilmore
LeeAnn Ewan Glatz and Jay A. Glatz
Dr. Donald and Cynthia Glover
Jerry H. Gold
Ken Goldin
James L. Gould
Jeffrey R. Gower
Kathleen Graffam
Lee A.* and Marjorie A. Gramm
Lorraine Greenfield Trust
Jeffrey H. Greenfield
Norm Greisen
Lowell and Alice Grieves
Barbara Bitting and Homer Gurtler
Dale and Joanne Hachtel
Bradley D. Hahn
Ron and Jean Hall
Earl and Kay Harbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harrer
Ronald Harris
Cliff and Betty* Hasselbacher
Steve and Rhonda Hasty
Walter I.* and Joanne Haupt
Jerry L. and Marilyn J. Hayden
Richard and Norma Helfrich
Dr. Patricia A. Helms
Mr.* and Mrs. Jack R. Henderson
Gary C. and Linda K. Henzl
Ms. Laura Herlovich
Dr. Robert and Rita* Hertenstein
Paul H. Herzog
Phyllis and Jerry Hoeft
Robert G. and Margaret L. Hoerner
Beth Huhn Hoffman
Donald R. Holton
David C. Horowitz
Ellen Harney Hosking
Laurie* and Bud Howe
Robert C. Howell, Jr.
Eva E. Hunsicker
Jay and Joan Janssen
Ruth A. Jass
Nancy A. Jaster
Judith Rutkowski Johnson
Robert A. Johnson
Celesta S. Jurkovich and Lyle H. Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Kamil
Lynn and Wayne Kaplan
Nadine and Ron Kapper
William and Helen (Czachorski) Kasley
Patricia Doran Kellogg
Andrew H. Kilgus, M.D.
Roger and Linda Kilpatrick
Donald G. Kissock
Wayne Klasing
Lou W. Klejbuk, Jr.
David and Beverly Klintworth
Ken and Doris* Kolb
Thomas E. Komnick
Peter W. Koukola
Jacquelyn Safford Krag
John A. Krallmann
Carol Kranz and David Gross
Dennis and Carolyn Kroll
Mr. and Mrs. Thadd (Ted) J. Krupa
Lanny and Kay Lamont
Dr. Edward Lee and Cheryl Lamoureux and Family
Rose Marie Schneider Langfels
Dick Lansing
Dr. Barbara E. Lawrence
Marion and Nathaniel Lazan

Allison Lee
John V.* and Mary M. Leengran
June and Dave Lewis
Sally Erikson Lewis
Charles and Jeanette Linn
Duane H. and Sandra J.* Livingston
Wiley G. Loveless, Jr.
Richard W. Luehring
Michael and Pamela Luenz
Robert Louis Luzzo
Jesse Maberry
Don* and Peggy Maisel
Patricia A. Mandler
Robert Marchetti
Sam Marcosson
Fred Marcussen
James R. Martin
John* and Ruth Martin
David Mateer
Kay W. McCurdy
Rose M. McKee
Bob and Nanette* Meals
Dean A. and Jo Ann Mefford
Katherine M. Bredel Meyer
Joan and Ken Milani
Gregory Miller
Lee E.* and Sylvia R. Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Morse
Eldred George Mugford
Anamarie Neumiller
Matthew A. Noe
Jean L. Nunnally
Maureen S. O'Brien
John and Joan O'Sullivan
Nicholas R. Owens
Gary M. Peplow
Richard L. and Helene M. Peterson
Warren W. Pinto
John and Diane Powell
William K. Pratt
Wayman L. Prince
J. D. and Nancy Hinrichs Proehl
C. Ray and Roberta * Prussner
Paula A. Prutsman
James B. Quest
Wendy and Scott Racine
James A. Radosevich
Charles and Marlyn Rager
Robert M.and JoAnn C. Randolph
Jack Reding
Paul Remack and Linda Theuriet
Catherine H. Ricciardelli
Joanne M. Richie
John D. Riter
Ms. Winifred Ward Roberts
Richard and Lelia* Rocke
Jill M. Roggeveen
Michael Romano
John A. and Candace E. Palmer Rosene
Roger W. Roszell
John and Virginia Rowe
Janice Heinz Ruggerio
Cindy Sample
Steven R. Sappington
Elizabeth Saunders
S. Sherman Sarff
William J. Scarpaci
Susan Schlegel
George R. and Elizabeth A. Schmelzle
Mrs. Chuck (Bonnie) Schofield
Robert R. Schwartz II
Judith Schweickert
A.J. Mike Schwindenhammer
John A.* and Eleanor L. Sears
Richard W. Seiler
Timothy F. Shea
Delmar D. Sherwood
Jon A. Shipp and Teresa A. Shipp
Don and Ginny Sidlowski
Anne and Thomas* Smith
Mel Smith and Janet Carl Smith
Victoria R. Sparks
James E. Sparling
Mrs. Evalyn L. Spinder
George Allen Spurr
Stephen T. and Carla R. Stark
Jim K. Steen
William and Deborah Stickelmaier
Jacqueline Stoecker
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Strauss, Jr.
James W. and Rosemary K. Stuttle
Dr. and Mrs. Conley I. Stutz
Scotty and Gaye* Sullivan
Fred D.* and Nancy Sundstrom
Harriett and Gene*Swager
Eric S. Swartz
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert M. Talbott
Philip J. Teeter
Quentin E. Thompson
Stephen M. Tiber
Donald Titus
George* and Verna Tozian
Dr. John and Marilyn* Trefzger
Anthony and Lisa Troglio
John L. and Rosemary M. Ufheil
Dale and Phyllis Unruh
Frank* and Norma Van Auken
J. Michael VanZandt
Robert O. and Karen M. Viets
Harold A. 'Rocky' Vonachen III
Commissioner Leo von Scheben
David C. Voss
Sally Tippett Walker
Terry A. & Carol H. Walters
Matthew D. Waugh
Dr. Linda Marilyn Weaks
Steve and Shelley Weaver
Susan G. Weinberg
Max A. and Ardith Mehrings Wessler
Joe and Bernadette West
Brian Lee Weyeneth
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weyhenmeyer Jr.
Chuck Wharton
Michael A. Willis
Pamela S. Wilson
Barbara J. and Nelson A. Wright III
Donald* and Marsha Wurtlin Trust
Murray and Rena Yeomans
James Stephen and Linda Kay Yerbic
Herbert W. Zobel
Willis E.* and Nancy Zobrist
Charles J. Zordani

As of February 7, 2018