Meet the Teams

The Bradley Fund Phone A Thon program hires Bradley students to raise money for the University. We phone alumni, parents and friends of Bradley and update their contact information, tell them what’s happening on campus, and secure gifts for the University.

The Bradley Fund Phone a Thon is one large family! The student callers are led by the Bradley Fund Intern team. The BFund calling room has been described as the best job on campus! We emphasize team work and goal setting. It’s great to be able to reach alumni and talk about their lives and their experiences at Bradley.

You are always welcome to drop in and see how things are going in the Bradley Fund Phone room!



The Student Managers

Trent Hopple, KateLyn Schalk, Denzel Washington


Team Toadette

Team Leader: Sarah Ballance

“‚ÄčI really enjoy being able to learn what Bradley was like back in the day. Being able to hear the alumni's stories is very inspiring of how Bradley can influence your life.”


Team Wario

Team Leader: Jessica Molina

“I love the BFund because there are so many different people to get to know who are involved in so many different things on campus. It is a great way to get to know other students and be involved with campus events!”


Team Daisy

Team Leader: Abigail Henderson

“I love the Bradley Fund because it is a warm welcoming place where everyone can feel comfortable learning, growing, and gaining professional skills.”


Team Luigi

Team Leader: Brandon Galloway

"I love the Bradley Fund because it connects to every facet of the University. It gives you the opportunity to hear from alumni, current students, and parents about their experience at Bradley while fostering Communication skills that will help in the classroom and the workplace."


Team Peach

Team Leader: Kyla Gersten

“I love working at the Bradley Fund because I have been able to meet so many different people from so many different backgrounds that I would never have met without BFunds. I also love getting to connect with alumni and hearing about their amazing experiences at Bradley and especially after they graduated.”


Team Toad

Team Leader: Joe Tarnowski

“The Bradley Fund gives me the opportunity to make connections with alumni and learn more about the history of both Bradley and Peoria as a whole. Not too mention I get to come to work and spend time with some of my best friends.” 


Team Mario

Team Leader: Joe Knott

“The Bradley Fund has helped me is so many ways! It helped build my communication skills, networking and being more comfortable talking to people in general. The Bradley Fund is a great way to connect with Bradley alumni and connect with the people around you!”


Team Yoshi

Team Leader: Rachel Burba

“The Bradley Fund not only helped my communication skills grow immensely, but also allowed me to connect with alumni. The alumni know the reality of graduating from the university, which allows me to ask them for advice. Working at the Bradley Fund has been extremely beneficial.”