Upscale living on Main

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September 3, 2010

With its highest back-to-back freshman enrollment in four decades, Bradley is filling desks this year, and beds – right down to the last few mattresses. It won’t be such a tight squeeze next year, because a unique, high-end living option is going up on Main Street.

“Bradley University is very pleased to be involved with the Main Street Commons apartment Project. The apartments will become a very important housing option for our students, and provide an upscale living opportunity they want and deserve,” said Bradley University Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Alan Galsky.

The five-story building is a joint venture between Quad Cities-based Oxbow Development and Coldwell Banker Devonshire. Upon completion, the two-phase project will include 288 bedrooms divided among two and three-bedroom units.

Main Street Commons Marketing Specialist and Leasing Agent Jennifer Dunbar said the structure’s red brick façade and urban design will be a fitting, attractive complement to Main Street. Inside, fully furnished two and three-bedroom units and various amenities will cater to students looking for dorm-like convenience with the space and privacy of apartment living. Though the project is a private venture, Main Street Commons has already become a strong supporter of Bradley, even sponsoring Late Night BU and planning to host other student activities at the complex.

“Once we presented to the university what the building will be for, what it’s going to look like, and that we’re here not as competition, but to serve a need, everyone at Bradley accepted us with open arms,” said Dunbar.

Teaming up with Main Street Commons was a no-brainer for Bradley.

“I am confident that the project will bolster our overall recruitment and retention efforts,” said Galsky.

Though construction is just getting started, Bradley students are already signing leases for apartments Oxbow promises will be completed by next July. Sophomore Keegan Quinby was one of the first on board, and has even been hired by Main Street Commons to help promote the living option to his Bradley cohorts.

“I saw it as an opportunity to get all the amenities I was looking for in off-campus housing, but close to campus, and affordable. And since the building and furnishings will be brand new, it will feel like my own,” said Quinby, who will join two friends in a three-bedroom unit.

For larger groups of friends, a save-a-block feature allows early applicants to bring the social benefits of dorm or Greek living onto Main Street.

“Save-a-block allows a group of six, seven, eight, or more people to reserve apartments across the hall or next to each other, which will make the living situation all the more fun,” said Dunbar.

Dunbar has collected over 70 applications so far and hopes to have every unit in the first construction phase spoken for by November 1. Leasing information for students is available at