Meeting demands, expanding opportunities

November 9, 2010

Bradley University began offering a major in Hospitality Leadership in the fall semester of 2011 to prepare students for diverse careers in the hospitality industry including event planning, facilities services, food service, lodging, and tourism. 

The new Hospitality Leadership major leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. It will include a 640-hour internship experience. Majors in hospitality also will have the unique experience of operating a for-profit late night food service, Lydia's Lounge, as part of two required courses in Hospitality Leadership, and a study abroad experience will be required to prepare students for the global marketplace. A minor in management, marketing, or professional sales is required. 

“The hospitality industry is a growth industry with an increasing demand for well-prepared high-level employees.  Our program will prepare graduates to respond to diverse issues and fill those roles in the profession,” said Dr. Nina Collins, former chair of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and former C.C. Wheeler Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences at Bradley.

Only 20 freshmen accepted into the program for the fall semester. Interested students can request more information about the program and apply online.