My All Greek Exchange and Reunion experience

November 17, 2010

By Laura Herlovich '79

A week before the reunion I was concerned about the Chi Omega turnout, so I found the lyrics to one of our rush songs (“Pass It On”) online and sent it along with a little note to all the sisters whom I correspond with over email.  I got great voicemails and emails back and think it may have even inspired a couple extra people to attend the reunion.  I had no need to worry.  There were some 44 Chi Os at the event and more than 25 of them from my BU years (’75 – ’79).  We even won Avanti’s bread for having the largest contingent!  It was a spectacular turn out.  

I gathered with several Gamma Phi Betas on Friday and had dinner at Rona Keller’s home (’77) with Dana Powers King ’79 and Nancie Siorek and Sharon Golden (both ’77).  It was wonderful to catch up as Dana and I had been roommates our senior year.

Saturday in Lombard, Kim Armstrong ’80 and I connected with Kari Yedtman Lorenzon ’78 for lunch. The pre-party began at the Embassy Suites because the Westin was sold out to a sci-fi/fantasy convention.  They used to tease the Chi Os in the 70’s by calling us space cadets, but these folks gave a whole new meaning to the phrase. They even wanted to have photos taken with us – crazy!!

More and more Chi Os arrived one after another to our suite and we reminisced fondly about formals, I-weeks, pledging, calling out, pledge classes, the Field House, basketball, pledge moms and daughters, pledge pranks and so much more.  We also talked about our lives today – marriages, kids, divorces, being a grandmother (congrats Joan Van Dyke Schiller, and Dave, too – Sig Ep ’77), daughters in sororities (even some are Chi Os at Bradley!! Bubis, so cool!!), jobs, and why we are so connected to Bradley and Chi Omega all these years later.  We wondered why those of us who were at BU in the 70s and early 80s seem so close and never miss an opportunity to get together. 

When we got to the actual reunion, we were ready to mingle with our old friends, re-live memories and have a wonderful time.  We caught up with the Gamma Phis, the Sigma Chis (I was a little sister and was wearing my lil sis pin along with my Chi Omega pin, too!), and the one LCA from our days, Greg “Nemer” Kaleel ’77, who was Tami’s real brother and just like family to all of us at Chi O – it was really a treat to see him. 

It was great seeing Chip Dempsey ‘79, Rob McNally ’79 (my big bro at Sig Chi freshman year), Mike Niski ’81 (I awarded him my hottest guy at the reunion award which he promptly handed to Sigma Nu Nick Jacobs ’81 -?), Bob Ramberg ’78, Jules Lapin ’79 (my first concert date ever – to see Harry Chapin, freshman year in the Field House) and Chris Ryan’81 (my formal date one year), and of course Rick Scardino ’76. Seeing Rick and Dana Powers King disco dancing on the dance floor was truly the moment I came for – it was perfect. 

Nick also brought along his Sigma Nu brother Billy Long ’81 late in the night; it was great to see them, too.

Seeing all the sorority girls doing a line dance during one of the songs was also a fond throwback to parties past. I remember all those at the old Sigma Chi parties.  I was truly amazed at how good everyone looked. Some people -- Niski, Joan, Michelle for a few  -- and many others are still just as gorgeous as they were in the 70s!  It was a treat to re-connect with everyone.  We even danced to the ultimate sorority song, “We Are Family,” by Sister Sledge.

Afterwards, the Chi Os returned to our suite to lay around on the beds and talk of days gone by, remember sisters who have passed on, share secret sorority stories, and we tried to remember the names of everyone in our pledge class.  We all failed, except Kim Armstrong (who was in a class of two).  Does age really do this to us?  Our class did remember all but one, so not too bad.

We can’t wait to do it again and are so proud to be Chi Omegas and Bradley alums. Here’s to next time!!