Celebrating bipartisanship

From left to right: Rep. Aaron Schock '02, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood '71, retired Rep. Bob Michel '48, Rep. Steny Hoyer, President Joanne Glasser, Mr. Brad McMillan.

June 13, 2011

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (D-Maryland) received the National Bipartisan Leadership Award from the Bradley University Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service in a special ceremony today at the Capitol.

The award recognizes a national public servant who has modeled ethical, civil and bipartisan leadership. 

“Congressman Hoyer has modeled ethical and bipartisan leadership throughout his 30-year career in Congress,” said Bradley President Joanne Glasser. “In an era of partisanship and divisiveness he has been a beacon of civility and wisdom. He is a pragmatic leader and a committed consensus builder.”

Hoyer helped the House pass important bipartisan legislation to strengthen the economy and bring health care coverage to an additional 4 million low-income children.

Now the second-ranking member of the House Democratic Leadership, Hoyer is admired by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for his tireless efforts toward compromise. In a 2009 survey of congressional Republicans by The Hill newspaper, he was found to be the most bipartisan Democrat in the House.


Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service

“Some great role models for bipartisan leadership have come out of Bradley – former House Minority Leader Bob Michel, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, and Congressman Aaron Schock,” said Brad McMillan, executive director of Bradley’s Institute for Principled Leadership in Public Service. “Those three leaders recommended independently of one another that we honor Congressman Hoyer with this award.”

Speaking at a forum sponsored by Georgetown University and Politico in 2009, Hoyer said, “Ultimately, the keys to bipartisanship are respect, decency, and fair input. What matters is listening attentively to our opponents, responding to them with facts, not emotion, and with arguments, not with talking points. What matters is never questioning the motives of the other side.”

The inaugural National Bipartisan Leadership Award was presented in October 2009 to Secretary LaHood, the first Bradley alumnus to serve in the Cabinet.