Marketplace ready

By Susan Andrews
July 19, 2011

Only a handful of Executive MBA programs in the country approach curriculum in the same fashion as Bradley University. Instead of developing traditional syllabuses and discoursing only on the functional areas of marketing, management, accounting and finance, Bradley’s EMBA program focuses on real-world business problems.

Bradley’s EMBA program emphasizes the strengthening and refinement of leadership skills through executive faculty coaching for the duration of the program, which is uncommon among most programs of its type.

“Dealing with problem people, acquiring capital, increasing profit and developing strategy—these are the types of issues that you face in today’s marketplace,” said Dr. Larry Weinzimmer, professor of business management and administration. “Bradley’s EMBA program curriculum is innovative and is specially designed for a group of diverse and talented business professionals who gain new ideas and solutions to apply in their current jobs.”

The program’s impact on the participants and their companies is often immediate and dramatic.

“Most modules of our EMBA program include projects that are designed to generate real-time improvement in the students’ companies,” said Dr. Ed Bond, department chair and associate professor of marketing. “We’ve heard many stories of significant financial impact generated by projects that were completed during the first few months of the program.”

Unique to Bradley’s Executive MBA is an international component in which program participants research, plan and conduct a visit to either an overseas division of their company or other businesses in similar fields. This year’s group will travel to Turkey. Previous destinations include India, China, and Dubai.  

“You have the opportunity to refine your leadership skills and work with executive coaches to identify your personal leadership style and address specific leadership challenges,” said Susannah Gawor, Director of MBA and Executive MBA Programs in the Foster College of Business Administration.

Graduates of the EMBA program often find their Bradley experience transformative. “The program was life-changing for me, both personally and professionally. It gave me an opportunity to question my current leadership skills and bring them to a new level,” said Susan Shambrook, vice president of operations – learning & development at State Farm Insurance. “The resources were tremendous and the networking opportunities were abundant.”

Bradley’s EMBA program can be completed in only 15 months during two weekends each month (Fridays and Saturdays), which is one of the shortest completion times in education nationwide.

Showcasing the program’s highly innovative nature and use of technology, the EMBA program has recently begun a billboard campaign with live Twitter feeds. Don’t be surprised if you glance up at a splash of red color in the sky and see “Best Business Practice: Bradley’s EMBA” or “Take Your Leadership to the Highest Degree: Bradley’s EMBA.”

The late Theresa Falcon-Cullinan endowed Bradley’s EMBA in 2009, making it the first executive business program in the world named for a woman and by a woman.