Copper finish

July 20, 2011

Westlake Hall’s new copper topper shone brightly in the mid-day sun as construction workers hoisted the nearly 1,000-pound dome onto the building’s iconic clock tower.

The new dome replaces – and replicates – the original dome, which was removed during an early stage of Westlake’s expansion and renovation. The manufacturer, Campbellsville Industries, Inc., of Kentucky, specializes in the reproduction of early 1900s-era steeples and cupolas. Campbellsville Industries, Inc. Head Installer Barry Antle drove the dome to Peoria from the heart of Kentucky and personally placed it onto the clock tower with help from a River City Construction crew.

Antle said a crew of 15 manufacturers handcrafted the dome, which measures 11 feet across at its widest point. In just six months to one year, the shiny copper surface will begin to develop a darker, brown and green patina finish.

New clocks featuring Roman numerals will be installed in the coming months. The entire Westlake renovation and expansion project is expected to be completed next summer.