Model characters

Gargoyles created by Limestone Community High School students, inspired by Bradley's iconic figures.

By Tim Belter ’13
January 17, 2012

Gargoyles atop the new Hayden-Clark Alumni Center and Bradley Hall sit and watch over the University campus. Thanks to two Bradley alumni, Pam Gargiulo ’11 and Jennifer Sheckler ’03, art students at Limestone Community High School in Bartonville have created little guardians of their own, based on Bradley’s watchful creatures.

Gargiulo, an art education major, saw the gargoyles before they rose to the Alumni Center’s roof last fall and thought they would make excellent inspiration for an art project. Gargiulo was student teaching in Sheckler’s class at Limestone, where the idea received full endorsement from Sheckler and her students.

“This was something kind of new for the students, and I think they were inspired by it,” Sheckler said.

Gargiulo brought in images of the Bradley gargoyles to give the students a reference point. One picture showed Gargiulo standing next to one of the gargoyles so the students could see how large and imposing they are. The students researched other famous gargoyles and their history before drawing up their own. Then, it was time to bring their creations to life.

“Students came up with their own versions of these mythical creatures,” Gargiulo said. “They each have their own individual character.”

The students started by molding about four pounds of clay into a gargoyle’s basic shape. They then used carving tools to add detailed features like teeth, horns and claws. Next, they hollowed out the gargoyles to use as jars and put them into the kiln for their first firing. When they came out of the kiln, the students applied a glaze, and then returned the gargoyles to the kiln to finish the project. The whole process took about two weeks.

“The students did an awesome job and really enjoyed the project,” Gargiulo said. “The students came up with some excellent, unique gargoyles.”