Charge on

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February 21, 2012

The title of Bradley’s fight song, “Charge On,” takes on new meaning with the recent installation of three auto charging stations on campus. The stations, one in the Duryea parking garage and two in the Main Street parking garage, will allow students, faculty and staff to charge their electric and hybrid car batteries while they’re in class or at work.

Each station has a screen with simple user-friendly instructions and a universal standard connection. Drivers use a credit card reader to swipe their cards and choose how many hours they want to charge the car battery.

Utilities supervisor LeRoy Neilson says, “The unit turns on, the driver plugs the car into the unit and four hours later, we hope the driver will unplug the car and move to another space in case someone else needs to charge.”

The cost is 75 cents per hour for charging, and a depleted battery recharges in about four hours. Once charged, electric cars can travel 80 to 100 miles before they need to be charged again.

The addition of the charging stations is part of the University’s sustainability initiative. “As ownership of electric vehicles increases, there will be a growing need for such power stations. Bradley is looking to the future and will be prepared to serve the campus community’s needs,” said Gary Anna, Bradley’s vice president for business affairs.

Bradley’s other efforts to reduce impact on the environment include the construction of green buildings, initiatives to be more energy efficient, conversion of publications from paper to electronic, a comprehensive recycling program and a composting program.