Refreshed Learning Space

New furniture added comfortable, creative study spaces. (Photo by Duane Zehr)

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Matt Hawkins
September 29, 2016

After the dust settled from a summer of work, Bradley’s Cullom-Davis Library reopened this fall with a refreshed layout and new amenities for students, faculty and staff. The renovation enhanced the library’s technology capabilities and provided new spaces for individual and group study needs.

Renovations, in response to student input, created bright spaces conducive to collaborative projects and individual study needs. Bookshelves on the first and second floors were removed to form open areas in which students can gather. Mobile furniture, adjustable seating, privacy “pods,” white board surfaces, smart TVs and media tables have been added to modernize students’ learning environment.

“We want the library to be a place of pride for the campus, and the renovations have made it a place people want to go,” said public relations, theatre arts and Spanish triple-major Becca Laird ‘17 of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. “Its comfortable, innovative furniture and bright colors really made a difference.”

Additionally, the library’s technological infrastructure received an upgrade to meet the needs of a digital world. The number of WIFI access points was doubled and bandwidth was increased to accommodate network usage. Also, more than 60 towers with extension cords have been added throughout the building. Plus, upgrades to the climate control system were designed to improve guests’ comfort throughout the building.

“With all our classes moving toward online options, we needed more electrical outlets and technology, and it’s awesome that technology is everywhere now,” Laird said.