Steiner Symposium Kicks Off

Charley Steiner '71 and Larry King HON '09 take photos with Bradley advertising and public relations students. (Photo by Duane Zehr)

Airin Virgilio '16
November 10, 2015

The inaugural Charley Steiner Symposium on Sports Communication opened Monday with an informative conversation between Steiner ’71 and Larry King HON ’09. In addition to the noted duo, the week will feature sports industry experts from Fox Sports, ESPN, The Magazine, Yahoo! Sports and other noted personalities.

Steiner and King shared their career journeys with guests and offered insights into the future of sports media. Steiner noted the challenges of working in an industry that has cut jobs because of technological innovation.

“The whole industry is changing, and that is so fascinating,” Steiner said. “How, then, do you get our folks into that industry? That is a great challenge, and one I look forward to trying to figure out.”

With 30-plus years of broadcasting experience, King encouraged students to passionately pursue their dreams.

“If I can talk you out of it, it’s not your dream,” he said. “If you want to be in radio, get off your seat and knock on doors of radio stations.”

He added, “Be yourself. Don’t imitate anyone else. Don’t be afraid. Never give up.”

King also announced he will establish a communication scholarship, with details to be discussed in coming months.

The Charley Steiner School of Sports Communication is the first school of its kind in the country. It invites communication students to merge the ideas of sports and journalism — a pairing Steiner didn’t see in his early career, but a philosophy that is now common.