Right on Target

Brianna Blackshire '14
July 15, 2013

Have you ever experienced that terrifying moment when you realize you have to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life?  Yes? Me too.

Approaching my senior year as a psychology major, my answer hit me when I discovered my passion for human resources and recruiting after working with the Undergraduate Admissions office and leading recruitment for my sorority. I finally realized what I would be happy doing for the rest of my life. This passion and drive led me to search for additional experience within the field. I wanted to find an organization that was focused on their employees’ success, emphasized leadership and provided a great work environment. I found Target.

I heard about the Target intern position through the Smith Career’s Center’s Job Fair. I immediately became interested in what Target had to offer undergraduates.  Target was looking for young people with strong leadership skills, who were eager to learn and willing to work hard. I was immediately up for the challenge.

After countless hours of research on the company and three rounds of intense interviews, I was offered an executive intern position at Target in Streamwood, Illinois, and have been on the fast track to achieving my career goals ever since.  Only 43 of the 200-plus applicants were selected as executive interns, where we have a variety of opportunities to strengthen our leadership skills and learn about the business side of Target.

I act as part of the executive team, providing guidance within the store to team members, participating in meetings to further the success of the store and overseeing each department to drive sales. After only three weeks, I have already learned so much. Target culture emphasizes feedback and development within a business setting. I am learning to not only develop personally as a leader, but to also coach others to reach their potential. The purpose of the internship is to allow each intern to preview a position on the executive team of Target as a potential job in the future.

After the next six weeks, I will be able to truly immerse myself in the Target culture and learn to develop as a leader in a business orientated setting. After my internship, I hope to continue my career with Target and develop into another executive role. This internship has allowed me to set a clear path for my future. The terrifying feeling is gone, and I am right on Target with my career goals and future as a Target executive.