Interning Abroad

By Frank Radosevich II
November 27, 2012

With distances shrinking and economies growing more interconnected, companies are seeking employees with some global experience under their belt. And thanks to a new program, Bradley students will have the opportunity to gain that valuable international exposure.

All students can apply to intern abroad and earn four hours of academic credit in one of two international cities, Hong Kong or Sydney, Australia. The internships are unpaid and run for eight weeks, beginning in May and wrapping up at the end of July. The programs are open to undergraduate students with a junior standing before the internship start date.

“We’re excited because this program will make international internships both affordable and a high-quality experience for our students,” said James Foley, director of the Foster College of Business Administration International Programs. “This is a great opportunity for those who see the value of living and working in a foreign country.”

The internships — a joint effort between Foster College, the Smith Career Center, the International Programs Office and the Academic Internship Institute of Australia and Hong Kong — builds upon Bradley’s already extensive study abroad programs and international studies department by offering indispensable professional development while allowing students to network and build their skill set in an international setting.

Although business students may be especially interested in the programs, the internships are open to students from all colleges and departments. Students accepted into the program are placed with a company that matches the applicants’ talents and needs.

In Hong Kong, interns have worked with a variety of companies in the fashion industry, like Ann Taylor and Crocs, or in retail shopping, such as Duty Free Shopping. In Sydney, internships run the gambit from working in the financial industry at Morningstar with or consumer goods at Johnson & Johnson or Brown-Foreman Corp.

“If you do an internship abroad, companies will look twice at you and see that you took the initiative to go overseas,” said Natasha Ager, director of student services and internships at the Academic Internship Institute of Australia. “It’s also a great thing to bring up in other job interviews.”

The cost of the programs includes the academic credit, housing, transportation during the first week within the cities, administrative fees and orientation program and activities. Students are responsible for their own airfare, meals, incidental expenses and, for internships in Sydney, their visa fees.

Deadline for applications is Jan. 31. More information on the programs can be found here.