Welcome Class of 2017!

August 26, 2013

In near perfect weather, thousands of students descended upon Bradley's campus for move-in day on Saturday, including 1,085 freshmen. Whether excited, nervous, calm, or ecstatic, they were all ready to begin the next chapter in their lives.

Welcome Week 2013

Saturday night marked the first Late Night BU, an alcohol-free source of late-night entertainment, of the year. The event was among the largest since its inception in 2008, drawing 2,300 students.

The scent of barbecue, kabobs, and chocolate chip cookies wafted through the air on Sunday afternoon as a huge crowd gathered for the Taste of Bradley, a popular annual tradition.

Another big crowd-pleaser was the Sunday night Block Party. Eclectic music, dance, dunk tanks, bean bag toss and a variety of food made for a fun-filled carnival-like event.

The 2013-14 academic year is off to an outstanding start. Bradley students are ready for a year filled with learning and discovery, events and activities, and fun and friends.

Last year and this year represent the best freshman classes academically in the past three decades and possibly in Bradley’s history per ACT scores.

We caught up with Bradley students at the Block Party. And, here is what they had to say:

Courtney Collins, Freshman
What are you looking forward to most in your first week at Bradley?
"Mainly, meeting new people. I'm looking forward to getting involved and making new friends.”

Claire Tostovarsnik, Sophomore
What are you most excited to experience as you begin your sophomore year?
"I guess seeing things from a different perspective. Understanding my surrounding already will give me a new perspective on how I view Bradley. I'm excited to meet new people again."

Shiv Patel, Senior
What do you think of the Block Party?
"It's awesome! So much free stuff! But, really, it's a great environment. You can get involved with multiple activities, and there's just so much energy!"

Kassidy Foster, Senior
What are you looking forward to for your first week as a senior?
"Actually, meeting more people. Even though I'm a senior, I don't see why I can't go out and meet more friends, so I'm looking forward to that opportunity again."