Calling All Actors: Joe Fulton Could Become Your New Best Friend

AsiaKai Dang Combines Her Education and Identity to Combat Hate

Drive and persistence led the digital activist to her dream job, helping uplift minority communities.

How to Enjoy Greek Life in the Age of Coronavirus

Sororities and fraternities adjust to a range of pandemic-related restrictions and limits.

How To Be The Change You Seek

Through both professional and personal pursuits, Taiwo Ninalowo powers human lives.

Calling All Actors: Joe Fulton Could Become Your New Best Friend

Emmy-nominated TV editor develops the final look for an episode.

A Successful Music Career May Mean Having Another Option

You may love to perform, but learning the business side of the entertainment industry could be the key to career success.

Unlocking New Ways to Prevent and Treat Illness

From medical research to training others, Feras Altwal M.S. ’14 hopes to find answers and help healing.

Women’s Basketball Makes First-Ever NCAA Tournament Appearance

The Braves beat Drake 78-70 in the Missouri Valley Conference championship to earn an automatic invitation to the Big Dance.

Unique Duo Holds Down the Anchor Desk

Student broadcasters further their dreams and tell creative stories on Bradley newscast.

When Animating Disney Movies Isn’t Your Only Fairytale Ending

Jack-of-all-trades animation major finds new ways to bring art to Peoria through digital magazine.

Pandemic or No, the Smith Career Center is Looking Out for Your Future

SCC staff can help you start preparing for life after Bradley as early as freshman year.

Starting a Six-Figure Business While in College

Natalie Konopka ’20 took advantage of all Bradley has to offer and used it to leverage a successful online clothing boutique.

Blending Academic Backgrounds Bolsters Research

TMJ project opens doors to physical therapy careers for students with engineering and sociology backgrounds.

Allison Walsh Believes in the Power of Storytelling

Filmmaker aims to document the often-untold everyday stories that are all around us.

French Fluency at Your Fingertips

Bradley students are furthering their language skills by texting directly with native French speakers.

Bradley senior develops program to aid in low-income secondary students

SpeechFluent helps Black and Latinx high school freshmen and sophomores improve their educational experience.

Social Work Students Take Center Stage in Battle Against COVID-19

While many classes shifted online, these essential workers spent 420 hours in the community helping others.

Want to Build Better Communication Skills? This Alum Has Some Helpful Tips

Speech team alum helps STEM professionals tap into their public speaking abilities.

Mechanical engineering major balances STEM with the creative arts

Graduating senior Nickolas Payne finishes his degree while pursuing creative writing and a love of studio art.

New Grad Elects to Make Voting Easier

App aims to drive turnout by putting key information in the palm of your hand

Zac Copper Washes Windows, Fixes Fire Damage and Kills Coronavirus

A fluke government contract turned the entrepreneurship major's hobby into a thriving cleaning and restoration business.

Artist Uses His Work to Create Unity

Using historic printing technology, an artist brings people together for a more egalitarian community.

Celebrating the Day of the Dead

Bradley’s Latinx organizations plan a number of events surrounding the annual fall festival.

Kimani Hewitt Shows Up and Knows His Worth

A remote summer internship created an enhanced learning experience for this human resource management major.

Colin Corbett Steps Up for COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

The assistant professor of economics joins other Peorians seeking to help end the coronavirus pandemic.

Andy Masur Calls for the Big Leagues

Grad steps into big-league role as regular radio announcer for his hometown team.

Capturing the Moment

Artist Michael Adams '02 channels his thoughts onto canvas over time and layers.

Girls Lighting the Way

EMBA graduate’s nonprofit aims to steer girls on a path toward successful careers and lives.

Moving Into a New Semester

Even with changes for COVID-19, the excitement of arriving and settling on campus remains.

An Oasis in the Desert

Alum steps up to find and deliver supplies to the far-flung Navajo Nation.

Moving forward

State transportation chief driven to make systems responsive to emerging needs and changing times.

Germ fighter

Chemistry grad in the front lines of the fight against communicable diseases, including COVID-19.

Stepping Up to Serve

Owen Mallery ’21 feels driven to give back to his small hometown.

Caught up in the game

Game designer provides an opportunity to live and work in other times and places.

Rapid Response Test

Brian Krueger ’05 heads a team that developed one of the first approved tests to detect the virus that causes COVID-19.

COVID-19 Cuts Opportunity Short

Teacher’s long-awaited Fulbright experience in Malaysia cut short by global COVID-19 pandemic.

Preparing for STEM Success

Students find support and community in Bradley's chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.