Online Programs

The process of developing a new online program for distance students requires an exploration (or proposal) stage and an implementation stage.

The exploration stage requires that interested departments complete the proposal process outlined below. This process provides a vehicle for gathering the information necessary to explore the viability and feasibility of a proposed online program. An advisory committee has been formed to provide support and feedback to academic units submitting proposals. 

The Online Education Advisory Committee is comprised of individuals who have been involved in launching our existing online programs as well as interested faculty members from all five colleges, as follows: Heather Berkley, Sandy Bury, Dean Cantu, Kayla Carroll, Molly Cluskey, Ahmad Fakheri, Barbra Kerns, Andy Kindler, BJ Lawrence, Clara Miles, Jennifer Robin and Erich Stabenau.

The Process:

  1. The Department(s) discusses plans for the distance program with the College Dean and completes Pre-Proposal.
  2. The College Dean discusses the Pre-Proposal with the Provost to obtain support and approval for the Department(s) to proceed with development of a Proposal.
  3. The Department Chair contacts Barbra Kerns to schedule a consultation/presentation.
  4. The Department(s) develops the Proposal, Budget and Course Development Schedule and, with the Dean’s approval, submits these to the Advisory Committee.
  5. The Advisory Committee reads the documents and provides feedback to the Department(s), College Dean and Provost on feasibility and viability of planned distance program.
  6. The Department(s) may revise the documents and submit them to the Provost.
  7. The Provost approves, returns for revisions or denies the Proposal and meets with the College Dean.
  8. The Provost identifies and charges an implementation team. 

The implementation stage refers to the 9- to 12-month period needed to fully develop, market and launch the online program. Please review the Sample Launch Timeline for a breakdown of the various components of implementation.

Here is a synoptic list of all the resources for requesting online distance program delivery listed above: