FERPA Tutorial

What is FERPA?

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (34CFR99), also known as the Buckley Amendment, protects the privacy of student records. The Act applies to all institutions that are the recipients of federal funding. What are the rights given to students?

  • The right to see the information that the institution is keeping on the student
  • The right to request corrections to their records if they believe the content is inaccurate, misleading, or a violation of their privacy rights.
  • The right to consent to disclosure of his/her records
  • The right to file a complaint with the FERPA Office in Washington

Who is Protected Under FERPA?

What are Student Education Records?

What is Not Included in an Education Record?

Who May Have Access to Education Records?

What are the Basic Rules?

What is Directory Information?

Special "Don'ts" for Faculty