Verification Services

Standard Enrollment and Degree Verifications

Enrollment and degree verifications are now processed by the National Student Clearinghouse. Please contact them for assistance.

National Student Clearinghouse 
2300 Dulles Station Blvd. Suite 300 
Herndon VA 20171 
Phone: (703)742-4200 
Fax: (703)742-4238 

Special Enrollment and Degree Verifications

Enrollment and degree verifications necessitating extensive and multiple certifications (e.g. enrollment dates, accreditation status, university status, graduation date, major(s), term(s), degree(s) earned, transfer work, location verification of institution, etc.) for embassies and/or other national or international government bodies carry a $25 fee per certification letter. 

Good Student Discount

Good Student Discount forms are processed by the Registrar's Office. Please contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.
Information we need to process your request is:

  • Id#
  • Name
  • Social security number
  • Semester(s) you need verified
  • Address to which verification is to be mailed or fax number