Monthly Departmental Reports

All financial reports except for endowment reports are available electronically to designated Financial Edge Accounting Software (FE) users. FE designated users are responsible for disseminating reports to the appropriate individuals in their division/ unit (college)/department. While reports can be run on-demand, each month (on approximately the seventh business day after month-end or, in the case of restricted accounts, in the middle of the month), emails are sent to the FE designated users stating month end processing has been completed.

All requests for printed reports should be made to the FE designated user in your division/unit (college)/department.

For account questions, please contact:

  • Ryan Schmidgall - 11, 12 (Operating) Accounts
  • Michele Wilson - 13, 26, 29 Accounts
  • Terry Kenny - 27, 28 and 81 Accounts
  • Debi Henry - 9x or Agency  Accounts  
  • Dennis Koch - Endowment Accounts