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Starting with Workforce Central (WFC) 8 Kronos has reimagined the user experience. It is designed for the needs and expectations of a diverse workforce and set a new standard for ease of use.

  • Uses HTML 5 technology for efficient and intuitive navigation
  • An enhanced timecard that is both configurable and actionable
  • A reimagined schedule planner that delivers exceptional visibility to staffing and coverage with many new features
  • New workforce Genies which allow managers to easily access, group, filter, and summarize operational data
  • Simplified historical correction capabilities that provide a seamless and secure process for viewing and editing missed punches, pay codes, and other details from previous periods

This website is designed to give users information on how to use Workforce Central through tutorial video's and job aides for managers as well as other users. It will answer your questions through FAQ's, as we receive calls we will update the FAQ's to reflect the most common questions. You will receive 'how to' instructions for setting up desktop shortcuts and any other pertinent information. Any information or changes regarding Workforce Central will be posted on this site.

Because Kronos converted their application to use HTML 5 we will no longer have issues involving the installation or update of java. Once you log in you will notice the difference. Users will be able to view items side by side, select items for their workspace and quickly and easily get to other items with quicklinks.

Please note**** Kronos will not work with the Microsoft Edge browser. Internet Explorer is the preferred web browser but Kronos supports Firefox and Chrome, see the FAQ's for versions.

Kronos URL's -

If the shortcut or bookmark you are currently using already has "https" in the URL address you don't need to make any changes. Only the users whose URL address starts with "http" need to either create a new shortcut or bookmark because "http" links will not work in the new Kronos.

For the main login -

For the timestamp URL -

Please install Flash if you are prompted being careful to not install other items checked as they are not necessary.

Use this link for instructions on How to create a Kronos shortcut on your desktop.


Who to contact:

For time card and approval inquiries - Tanika Rodgers 677-4115

For password reset and other IT related inquiries - Mona Hutchison 677-2962