Supply Inventory

A stockless office supply process has been implemented. Elimination of the in-house inventory provides savings to the University as office supplies are purchased on an as-needed basis by the individual departments on campus. Departments have the choice of using a variety of vendors for their supply needs. Many of the vendors offer discounts and various options for payment. Bradley is currently set up with Staples for online ordering, desk-top next day delivery and direct bill. Bradley has hundreds of “contract” items established with Staples for which substantial discounts are given. Contact Shelly at ext. 3945 to get set up on Staples (E-Way).

Bradley continues to carry the “stock items” listed below. For stock items send an email to Judi Wood with item and account number. Allow a day or two for delivery. Current pricing includes:

  • 9 x 12 white catalog- $27.49/cs-500/pkg
  • 10 x 13 white catalog-$15.00/bx-100/pkg
  • Requisitions-$15.00/pk-100/pkg
  • Laser BU mailing labels-$.30/sheet-6/sheet
  • Laser BU name tags-$.30/sheet-8/sheet
  • Laser all black BU name tags-$14.00/sheet
  • 9V batteries-$1.27/ea
  • AA batteries-$.52/ea
  • AAA batteries-$.52/ea
  • C batteries-$.80/ea
  • D batteries-$.90/ea
  • #122 generic BU envelopes-$36.44/bx-500/bx
  • #122L generic BU Letterhead-$31.59/ream-500/rm
  • Second sheet - $32.50/ream-500/rm
  • #616 generic BU note cards-$.07/ea
  • #617 generic BU note card envelopes-$.07/ea
  • #578 generic BU business reply envelopes-$.05/ea or $24.55/bx
  • #563 generic BU 6 3/4 envelopes-$43.15/bx-500/bx
  • #563L generic BU 1/2 sheet letterhead-$16.20/ream-500/rm
  • #136 generic BU window envelopes-$13.50/bx-500/bx
  • Time cards-$4.50/pk-100/pkg BU hexagon pencils-$.21/ea
  • BU round pencils-$.15/ea

All prices are subject to change, especially the paper products.