Travel Reimbursement - Misc. Travel Expenses

Section G. Miscellaneous reimbursable travel expenses. The following items are generally reimbursable to the extent they are reasonable and necessary business expenditures:

  1. Business office expenses (fax, copy services, telegrams, etc.)
  2. Business phone calls
  3. Conference fees
  4. Currency conversion fees
  5. Fees for the purchase of traveler’s checks for foreign travel
  6. for refueling a rented car
  7. Ground transportation (train, taxi, bus, subway, etc.)
  8. Laundry and dry cleaning charges for trips exceeding ten consecutive calendar days
  9. Parking and tolls 
  10. Reasonable personal phone calls that allow the traveler to stay in touch with family as pre-approved by immediate supervisor.
  11. Tips up to 20% of meal cost
  12. Visa fees for business travel