Purchasing/Accounts Payable

Responsibilities of this department include establishment and administering purchasing policies, initiating reports necessary to permit analysis of purchasing performance, determining the method of purchasing, consolidating purchases of like or common items, and analyzing prices paid for material, equipment and services.  In addition, Purchasing-A/P currently is responsible for negotiating and approving the contract for typewriter maintenance and office supplies. Purchasing-A/P has the authority to question any aspect of a purchase including but not limited to the quality and quantity, suggested vendor and kind of materials that have been requested.

Click here for Purchasing Accounts Payable policies and procedures.


Diane Smith
Purchasing-AP Administrator

Swords Hall 103
(309) 677-3229

Dawn Mulligan
Accounts Payable Assistant

Swords Hall 103
(309) 677-3124

Shelly Lunsford
Purchasing/Accounts Payable Coordinator

Swords Hall 103
(309) 677-3945

Jennifer Hughes
Accounts Payable Assistant Manager

Swords Hall 100
(309) 677-3228