An invoice is the itemized statement of merchandise and/or labor supplied by the vendor. The invoice is based upon the purchase order and should contain the comparable information. All invoices will be sent directly to the Purchasing Department. Upon their receipt, the invoice will be checked against the purchase order for accuracy, discount, and back orders. The Purchasing Department’s stamp is affixed and the purchase order number and department account is entered on the invoice. The invoice is then faxed, scanned and e-mailed to the department, or sent to the department with a form letter indicating that they are to approve the attached invoice and/or supply the correct account number. By approving the invoice, the department is verifying that the merchandise/service has been completed/received in good order. No invoices are to be held in the department. If there is a problem or payment is to be delayed, a note should be affixed to the invoice and returned to the Purchasing Department. The terms of the invoices are the guide to the date of payment so that any cash discounts can be taken.