Requisitioning Procedures

The purchase requisition is used to inform the Purchasing Department of the needs of a department and to identify the material or service requested. The requisition is prepared and signed by a responsible authority or a designated representative who is registered with the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Department maintains a list of authorized individuals in the various departments.

Whenusing the electronic version of the requisition, departments should develop a numbering system. It should include a reference to the department, and may include the fiscal year, the originator, etc. An example might be: SAO15- 001 for Student Activity Office, fiscal year 2015, requisition # 001. The requisition number will be used when entering purchase orders and paying vendors for services, awards, etc. Invoices do not need to include a requisition when submitted for payment. The requisition number will print under the Reference 3 column on the monthly transaction reports. The electronic requisitions must follow the approval process with the appropriate signatures being secured before the document is sent to Accounts Payable/Purchasing for processing. A duplicate copy of the requisition must be sent if the department wishes to receive back a copy after A/P has processed the request. Otherwise, except when ordering computer equipment (see note below), only 1 copy of the requisition is necessary.

The requisition form must contain legible and complete information and specifications. Size, color, catalog numbers, trade names, vendor name, address and zip code and other relevant information available should be specified. The phone number and fax number should also be included when available. If a fax number is provided, the completed purchase order will be faxed. Otherwise, unless the requisition is marked as “pickup”, the completed purchase order will be mailed to the vendor. The requisition must also provide an actual or estimated cost. It is the responsibility of the originator to assign the appropriate account numbers to the requisition and secure the proper signatures. Any purchase of capital equipment for over $1,000 must be authorized by the dean of the college.

PLEASE NOTE - Departments purchasing computer equipment or supplies through the Customer Support Services department must send 3 copies of the electronic version of the requisition. Customer Support will then forward a copy back to the department after the computer or equipment has been ordered, with the final costs notated.

Requests for on-campus service or material will be sent directly to the servicing department. Upon receipt of the white, blue and pink copies of the requisition, the service department will perform the necessary work and price all copies. If using the electronic version of the requisition, send a duplicate copy to the servicing department. In the case of a material request, the items will be priced and delivered to the requisitioning department by the campus delivery service. The service department will then forward the requisition to the Controller’s Office for the appropriate transfer of funds. The extra copy of the requisition will be returned to the department for their records.

Requisition Cut-off for Fiscal Year End Purchases

  • Capital equipment requests will be honored no later than the last Friday in April.
  • Computer hardware & software purchases will be honored no later than the last Friday in April.
  • Requests for supplies will be honored no later than May 15.

Please Note

The delivery date determines when the items are usually charged to the account. Orders should be placed as soon as possible for supplies or equipment expected to have a long delivery period to ensure that delivery and invoicing occur prior to May 31.