Appeal Form

The University Parking Citation Appeal Committee declares that the issuance of a parking/traffic violation
indicates that the University parking policy has been violated. It then becomes the
responsibility of the alleged violator to prove in an appeal that the Parking Policy was not

Appeals that conflict with policy will be automatically denied.

  • The following cases are a PARTIAL listing of situations/conditions that CANNOT be considered:
  • Lack of knowledge of University policy and/or regulations.
  • Parking for only a “few minutes” in an area where parking is not allowed.
  • Using another errant driver as evidence that “they got away with it, so should I.”
  • Parking in areas that are restricted for your permit, backing-in, pulling through, over-the-line, etc.
  • Not having a visible permit.
  • Purchasing a permit AFTER a citation has been issued.
  • Permit is improperly displayed.
  • A borrowed or rental vehicle must have a temporary permit attached.
  • Loaning a car to another driver does not excuse the owner from violations incurred by that vehicle.
  • Violation of handicapped parking areas without appropriate permits.
  1. This appeal must be initiated at, and returned to General Services, 100 MacMillan Hall within seven (7) workdays after the violation issue date.
  2. Appellants will be notified, in writing, once a decision is reached on an appeal.
  3. Attach copies of any documents or draw diagrams that support this appeal.
  4. Attach original ticket to this appeal form.

Download and print out the appeal form.