Designing Space SUITS for NASA

December 10, 2018

It was just announced that a group of Bradley students will be working with NASA on the second phase of the NASA S.U.I.T.S Design Challenge (Spacesuit User Interface Technologies for Students). This is part two of the program in which university student teams design and develop spacesuit interfaces and experiences with the Microsoft HoloLens.

Bradley was one of the few schools chosen for the first year of the program in early 2018, and students are now delighted to have this opportunity at NASA headquarters once again.

Students from engineering, computer science, public relations, interactive media and other majors are working across disciplines on this project. For the second year, they're focusing on utilizing object recognition and simplistic design using Augmented Reality to improve communications between space and Earth and make space missions more efficient and less stressful on astronauts.

This project is an extracurricular activity for the students and not connected to any course. They submitted their designs, budget, timeline, and concepts in October, and it was just announced that they are one of the final schools chosen to present their program to NASA and Microsoft.

This is the fourth project that Bradley has participated in with NASA.

The team meets every Tuesday evening to work on the project and their Lead Faculty Advisor is Heather Ford.

Bradley Students Include...
Alanis Nash ‘19 - Manager and Director | Major: Computer Engineering | Hometown: Peoria, IL
Zach Bachmann ‘21 - Project Manager | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Oswego, IL
Francis Levins ‘19 - Research Lead | Major: Computer Engineering | Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL
Jason Daluga ‘20 - Technical Lead | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Libertyville, IL
Jakob Plotts ‘19 - Creative Design Lead | Major: Interactive Media | Hometown: Cuba, IL
Eddie Borissov ‘20 - Technical Assistant | Major: Game Design | Hometown: Mt Prospect, IL
Nathan McNaughton ‘20 - Technical Assistant | Major: Computer Science | Hometown: Antioch, IL
Malcolm Ivy ‘20 - Design Assistant | Major: User Experience Design | Hometown: Chicago, IL
Lizzy Perkins ‘20 - Design Assistant | Major: User Experience Design | Hometown: Peoria, IL
Katrina King '21 - Design Assistant | Major: User Experience Design | Hometown: Madison, WI
Katie Daggett ‘20 - Design Assistant | Major: User Experience Design | Hometown: Morris, IL
Alexis Benson ‘19 - Public Relations | Major: Public Relations | Hometown: Lacon, IL

Teams Chosen for Part Two...
Bradley University
Boise State University
University of Akron
University of Colorado, Boulder
Texas A&M College Station
University of Wisconsin – Stout
Virginia Tech University, University of North Texas
Stevens Institute of Technology
Riverside City Community College
University of Michigan
Harvard University
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico - Bayamon
Valencia College, Santa Monica College
University of California, Santa Cruz.

Picture: (L to R) Francis Levins, Eddie Borissov, Katie Daggett, Alanis Nash, Katrina King, Zach Bachmann, Alexis Benson, Malcolm Ivy and Jakob Plotts; Not pictured: Jason Daluga, Nathan McNaughton and Lizzy Perkins.

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