Peoria’s History with Antislavery

January 22, 2014

Did you know Peoria was not friendly to abolitionists prior to the Civil War?  Have you ever wondered what life was like for an abolitionist in Peoria during those times?  What about how the antislavery movement affected our town?  Dr. Stacey Robertson, Oglesby Professor of American Heritage and Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Bradley, will be sharing those stories and more this weekend.  

Her presentation, "Ruffians and Wiseacres: Peoria’s History with Antislavery", happens at 2pm at the main branch of the Peoria Public Library this Saturday as part of the library's exhibit called “Changing America: The Emancipation Proclamation, 1863 and the March on Washington, 1963”.  The library's exhibit coincides with Bradley's year long theme of celebrating Civil Rights.