While these Identity Standards are detailed, you may have questions that are not covered in the scope of these pages. For any questions related to the Identity Standards of Bradley University, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at branding@bradley.edu.

Office of Marketing and Communications
Comstock Hall
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Color Palette

The color standards that apply to the Bradley University logo are detailed here. Bradley’s official colors are Bradley red and white, and the color placement and specifications should never be altered under any circumstance.

Note: Due to the inconsistent nature of computer monitors and office printers, the colors depicted within this guide may not match the actual PANTONE® colors. When specifying colors, please refer to the PANTONE® or MADEIRA® (embroidery thread) number for accurate color reproduction.

Bradley University Red

Pantone – PMS 186C (coated) or PMS 186U (uncoated)
CMYK Coated – C: 0  M: 100  Y: 75  K: 4
CMYK Uncoated – C: 1  M: 91  Y: 72  K:3
RGB – R: 165  G: 0  B: 0
HTML – #A50000
Madeira – 1147