The font used in the university logo, called Scala, surfaced as the top choice from more than 3,000 fonts researched. Scala suggested scholarly pursuit and strong character with a modern feel. The solid serifs pair well with the angular shield elements, and the customized letters provide a unique treatment for Bradley.

As Scala is intended for use specifically as part of the university’s logo, as well as on a limited basis for some marketing applications, individuals should have no need to acquire the font for their units.

For all other applications, specific font, type size, spacing and other characteristics should be chosen for maximum readability.

Examples of safe choices for body copy are serif fonts Merriweather and PT Serif, available for free from Google Fonts. Download the fonts Merriweather or PT Serif.

The sans serif fonts Source Sans Pro and Open Sans, available for free from Google Fonts, are examples of good companions to the serif fonts mentioned above. They are suitable for subheads and smaller amounts of body copy. Download the fonts Source Sans Pro or Open Sans.