While these Identity Standards are detailed, you may have questions that are not covered in the scope of these pages. For any questions related to the Identity Standards of Bradley University, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at branding@bradley.edu.

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Graphic Identity

Bradley University logo system

Logo Downloads

The new Bradley University logo system was developed on campus by a team consisting of the Administrative Council, the Office of Marketing and Communications and members of the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts faculty. Their goal was to create a logo system that unites the campus community.

To achieve this task, the “B” shield was incorporated into a new text treatment of the university name. While it includes the athletic shield, the shield in the university logo is smaller to maintain emphasis on the university’s name.

An important update included with the release of the new academic logo system is the requirement that all campus units use the official logo system and immediately cease the use of any custom logos and/or wordmarks.

No unauthorized wordmark, logo or graphic element may be used to represent the University or any of its colleges, schools, divisions, departments, programs, offices or other units. However, units with external partners or associations may have distinct logos that may be used as subordinate symbols with the logo system with prior approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications. The Office of Marketing and Communications recognizes some other units may need subordinate symbols and will review/approve those requests on a case-by-case basis; however, the university reserves the right to change these symbols or the approved use thereof at any time.

Graphic Identity Overview

  • Logo Downloads
    Resource with the various logo setups for download.
  • Logo System
    Comprehensive explanation of the university’s logo system and guidelines for its use, including the three logo configurations, color setup options, sub-brand/unit application, placement on documents, prohibited uses and common misuses.
  • Color Palette
    Specifications for producing Bradley red in a variety of mediums.
  • Font
    Description of the font used in the university logo, as well as recommendations for companion fonts.