Social Media


Guidelines pertaining to the establishment, management and ongoing use of social media platforms on behalf of the university are available on the Office of Marketing and Communications' Policies page. These guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Links to and details about Primary University Accounts
  • Policies for working with University-affiliated Accounts
  • Step-by-step instructions for University-affiliated Social Media Account Setup
  • Directions and best practices for University-affiliated Social Media Account Usage, including the required profile picture information that also is provided below
  • Tips for reviewing and interpreting Analytics
  • Information about Paid Advertising
  • References for Contact and Questions, as well as Policy Changes

Profile Pictures

All campus units are required to use the “B” shield with no text as their profile picture on all social media platforms. With the range in sizes these icons can appear in across desktop and mobile devices, this simple yet recognizable design will provide the maximum impact possible while reinforcing the university brand. These icons always appear with the social media page’s name directly to the right, which eliminates the need to individualize them for different units.

Social Media Resources

Throughout the year, Bradley University's social media practitioners gather to advance their knowledge in social media. You can access the previous presentations below.