Bradley University uses standard press-printed letterhead and envelopes for all departments. The University logo and address is at the top center of the letterhead. You will be able to personalize with your name, title, department and phone number in your typewritten signature block.

This method saves cost as well as streamlines inventory management. If your department does not use much preprinted letterhead, feel free to use the Word letterhead template and print from your own device. We recommend buying good quality blank paper; any brand of a 24 lb. weight paper with a smooth finish will work. Here’s one item available from Staples.

Some small quantity Bradley-branded stationery items may be ordered through General Services, including:

  • blank notecard sets with the Bradley logo on the front (notecard and envelope)
  • arge return address labels
  • self-adhesive name tags
  • standard letterhead
  • standard business envelopes
  • standard business window envelopes

To order these items, email Jayne Dant, General Services Supervisor, at with the item name, quantity, delivery address and account number to bill.

Business Cards

A Bradley business card is to include University business information only. Name, title, college/department/office, street address, city, state, zip code and office telephone number need to be on all business cards. Additional information including cellular phone number, 800-number, fax number, or URL may be included if it has direct application to university business and it fits within the maximum number of lines of information allowed.

Graphical samples of the business card options are shown below.

Option A

Business Card Option A

Option B

Business Card Option B

Option C

Business Card Option C

To place a business card order, choose which style of layout you’d like, then send that choice and the pertinent information to your ordering contact listed below, who will place the order for you. Turnaround is typically one week and the cards will be delivered directly to your office.


All university letterhead follows a standard format featuring the Bradley University logo and campus contact information as the primary design element. A unit’s name, college (if applicable), campus address and primary telephone number are to be included in the typewritten signature block.

Other logos are not permitted on university stationery. They detract from a unified university image, increase visual clutter and take attention away from the message.

All letters should adhere to business letter-writing standards, including date, inside address, salutation, body, closing signature block. Images and clip art should not be added to letters.

Bulk-ordered stationery items will be press-printed on high quality white paper in two colors of ink: Bradley red and black. Graphical examples of the letterhead are shown below:

Digital Letterhead

Printing your own letterhead from a digital template is permissible. To help ensure consistency across the University, only use the Word document letterhead template provided here. The first page header and margins have been set; you just need to start typing.

We recommend buying good quality blank paper; any brand of a 24 lb. weight paper with a smooth finish will work. Here’s one item available from Staples.

No other business cards, letterhead or envelope designs may be used for official university business or communications unless approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Letterhead specifications


The return address is positioned in the upper left corner of the mailing panel of the envelope. As envelopes are difficult to print from desktop printers, we suggest your department joins the yearly bulk order in June for your envelope needs. The University has the following sizes of envelopes available in the bulk order:

  • #10 regular business envelope
  • #10 window envelope
  • 6.5” x 9.5” long-edge opening envelope
  • 9” x 12” long-edge opening envelope
  • 10” x 13” peel and seal long-edge opening envelope

If you regularly order large amounts of any other type of envelope, let us know through our project request system to be included in the bulk order.


Ordering Information

To maintain low costs, the university places a bulk order every June.

To order university stationery, please contact the individual in the list below who is responsible for ordering on behalf of your unit annually by June 1. If you are unsure to which office your unit would submit a request, or you would like to have an ordering account setup, please contact Sarah Dukes,, in the Office of Marketing and Communications for assistance.

If you are an ordering contact, below is the timeline we send around the first week of May. Dates may change year to year, but the window of time for each step of the process will remain the same.

  • By mid-May, please review your stationery stock in your office and on the inventory management site. Check with your departments that report to you about their stationery needs for the upcoming budget year.
  • From June 1-30, your stationery orders must be placed to receive the bulk price. Orders placed after June 30 will incur a higher price.
  • By mid-August, new stationery should be available for delivery. To release items from your inventory, use the inventory management site to have items delivered to your office. Full cases are stored in the vendor warehouse without charge for one year. After one year, the remainder of your inventory will be delivered to your office for storage to avoid unnecessary fees. Please be sure you have office room to store the remainder of your order at the end of a calendar year.

Instructions for placing an order on the inventory management site are available.

Ordering Office Ordering Contact Contact Email Contact Ext.
General Services Jayne Dant (site admin) 2925
Office of Marketing Sarah Dukes (site admin) 2243
Office of Marketing Tom Gunter (site admin) 2239
Facilities Lois Parkhurst 2919
Purchasing Diane Smith 3229
Admissions Wendy Haste 3385
Registrar Molly Rice 3098
Vice President for Legal Affairs Cindy Lahood 3150
Financial Services Lorrel Armbrust 3117
Human Resources Crystal Elliott 3223
Peoria Next Karen Smallberger 7238
The Graduate School Kathy Gafford 2375
Education and Health Sciences Cara Burritt 3181
Clinical and Field Experience Cara Burritt 3181
Department of Teacher Education Maureen Kelly 3190
Department of Physical Therapy Darlene Jacobs 2857
Distance Education Cara Burritt 3181
Family and Consumer Sciences Mary Cantrall 2433
Leadership Non Profit Counseling Amanda Coulter 3193
Nursing Joanna Tockes 2528
Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Pat Campbell 2380
Computer Science Katrina Pennock 2460
English Katie Whalen 2490
International Studies Jeanne Clayton 2502
Philosophy, Religious Studies Jeanne Clayton 2502
Mathematics Kathy Lundy 2502
Political Science Kathy Lundy 2502
Psychology Devon Atkins 2584
Criminology, Sociology and Social Work Yolanda Pennock 2388
Women and Gender Studies Lynn Swanson 2397
African American Studies Lynn Swanson 2397
History Lynn Swanson 2397
Physics Penelope Land 3010
Biology Vicki Hencey 3020
Chemistry Sherry Hill 3030
World Languages Brenda Peterburs 2500
President’s Office Fran Cox 3167
Campus Police Becca Taylor 2000
Continuing Education Lee Ann Kriegshauser 2820
Advancement Amy Spirrison 3096
Turner Center Jenni Hale 4321
Vice President for Student Affairs Tina Welsh 3140
Campus Recreation and Facilities Cheryl Lohnes 2677
Office of Diversity and Inclusion Eugenia Kyle 2646
Springer Center Sarah Peters 2515
Student Health Services Kathy Otten 2700
Residential Living Kelly Welch 3218
Smith Career Center Lisa Hinthorn 2512
Student Center Tom Coy 3214
Conference Facilities Tom Coy 3214
Student Support Services Susan Walker 3140
Wellness Linda Baker 3381
Academic Success Center Misha Meeks 2416
Student Access Services Jane Groeper 4358
Off Campus Properties Teresa Calicotte 2100
College of Engineering and Technology Esmeralda Ozella 2720
Don Fites Chair Engineering and Technology Esmeralda Ozella 2720
Mechanical Engineering Najeebe Abboud 2711
Electrical and Computer Engineering Katherine Polen 2727
Industrial and Manufacturing Michelle Hawkins 2740
Civil Engineering and Construction Amie Love 2942
Foster College of Business Lisa Arvizu 2255
Provost / Academic Affairs Deb Pemberton 3152
Computing Services Phyllis Redshaw 2950
Office of the CIO Phyllis Redshaw 2950
Library Calie Stalter 2821
Health Professions Advising Center Kim Ely 4200
Center for Legal Studies Kim Ely 4200
Honors Program Katie Manning 3283
Study Abroad Kathy Stinson 2562
University Bands Becky Moore 2595
Dept of Music Becky Moore 2595
Slane College of Fine Arts Carrie Kroenke 2360
Office of the Dean Carrie Kroenke 2360
Department of Communications Jolene Cole 2354
The Charley Steiner School Jolene Cole 2354
Department of Interactive Media Lorena Chica 4528
Department of Theatre Arts Sara Gauwitz 2660
Department of Art and Design Sara Gauwitz 2967
Department of Athletics Karla Bothast 4659