Stationery is the primary means of communicating Bradley's image at the personnel level. Letterhead, envelopes, business cards and related items should be consistent for all university units.

General Bradley Stationery Items

Generic Bradley branded items also may be ordered. Items available include:
  • blank notecards
  • No. 10 envelopes
  • No. 10 window envelopes
  • large return address labels
  • branded self-adhesive name tags
To order items, email our fulfillment service in General Services, Jayne Dant, at with the item name, quantity, delivery address and account number to bill.

Business Cards

University business cards are the only stationery item that you may personalize. Your Bradley business card is to include University business information only. Name, title, college/department/office, street address, city, state, zip code and office telephone number need to be on all business cards. Additional information including fax number, 800-number, cellular phone number, pager number or URL may be included if it has direct application to university business and it fits within the maximum number of lines of information allowed.

Graphical samples of the business card options are shown below.

Option A

Business Card Option A

Option B

Business Card Option B

Option C

Business Card Option C

To place a business card order, choose which style of layout you’d like, then send that choice and the pertinent information to your ordering contact listed below, who will place the order for you. Turnaround is typically one week and the cards will be delivered directly to your office.


All university letterhead follows a standard format featuring the Bradley University logo as the primary design element. A unit’s name, college (if applicable), address and/or primary telephone numbers (desk/fax/800) are positioned at the bottom of the page in Scala typeface, and must be set by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Letterhead may not be preprinted with an individual's name, phone number or fax number. Your typed closing and signature are sufficient.

Other logos are not permitted on university stationery. They detract from a unified university image, increase visual clutter and take attention away from the message.

All letters should adhere to business letter-writing standards, including date, inside address, salutation, body, closing signature, name and title. Images and clip art may not be added to letters.

Formal stationery items will be printed on white paper in two colors of ink: Bradley red and black. Graphical examples of the letterhead are shown below:

Digital Letterhead

Digital letterhead is permissible for use only when digital communication is required, such as for letters of recommendation. To help ensure consistency with your printed letterhead, only the Office of Marketing and Communications may create your Word document letterhead template. We will deliver the finished template, with logo placed, fonts set as a footer image, and margins set correctly… you just need to start typing.

All digital letterhead requests should be submitted through the Office of Marketing and Communications’ project request system.

No other business cards, letterhead or envelope designs may be used for official university business or communications unless approved by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Letterhead specifications


The return address is positioned in the upper left corner of the mailing panel of the envelope. The return address should include the university logo, name of your unit and 1501 West Bradley Avenue, Peoria, Illinois 61625. As envelopes are considered sub-brands, they also will only be developed in Scala by the Office of Marketing and Communications.


Ordering Information

To save costs, the university places a bulk order every May. Be sure to let your contact know your stationery ordering needs by June 1 annually.

To order university stationery, please contact the individual in the list below who is responsible for ordering on behalf of your unit. (Note: Generally, the person ordering on behalf of your unit is located in the office your unit ultimately reports to. For example, an academic department/program would order through its college dean’s office.) If you are unsure which office your unit would submit a request to, please contact Sarah Dukes,, in the Office of Marketing and Communications for assistance.

If you are an Ordering Contact, below is the timeline we send around May 1. Note dates may change year to year, but the window of time for each step of the process will remain the same.

  • By May 11, please review your stationery on the CMFI online catalog and submit any requests for new stationery or text changes via the Office of Marketing and Communications online support system. CMFI will charge your unit for the cost of a new printing plate or changing the printing plate for your stationery.
  • By June 1, all new stationery and text revisions will be updated in the CMFI online catalog, and you may order your materials.
  • By June 15, your stationery orders must be placed to receive the bulk cost. Orders placed after June 15 will incur a higher price.
  • July 31, new stationery should be available for delivery. Full cases are stored without charge for one year at the CMFI warehouse. Contact Jayne Dant ( for delivery when needed. After one year, the remainder of your order will be delivered to your office for storage.

If you need a refresher on how to place your order, here is an instruction guide created by CMFI.

Ordering OfficeOrdering ContactContact EmailContact Ext.
Division of Business Affairs Lorrel Armbrust 3117
The Graduate School Kathy Gafford 2375
College of Education and Health Sciences Cara Burritt 3181
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Pat Campbell 2380
Office of the President Fran Cox 3167
Continuing Education Debbie Devine 2820
Office of Advancement Jeanne Ditewig 3159
Turner Center Jennie Hale 4321
Office of Admission Wendy Haste 3385
Office of Student Affairs Tina Welsh 3148
Off-Campus Properties Teresa Calicotte 3795
Caterpillar College of Engineering and Technology Deb Pemberton 2720
Foster College of Business Natalie Fortin 2255
Division of Academic Affairs Laurie Vincent 3154
Office of Marketing and Communications Sarah Dukes 2243
Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts Joan Wilhelm 2360