Broadcast Engineering Services

Broadcast Engineering provides: system design, installation, maintenance, and leadership in the use and implementation of broadcast systems to the Bradley University community, WCBU Public Radio, WTVP Public Television, and provides management service for the communications tower on campus and in East Peoria.


William Porter
Director of Broadcast Engineering
Jobst Hall, Room 224B
Phone: 677-4920
Jim Jordan
Senior Engineer
Jobst Hall, Room 226
Phone: 309-495-0596
Brett Ring
Broadcast Engineer
Jobst Hall, Room 224C
Phone: 677-2768

Radio and Television Engineering

  • Communications transmitters (low power, microwave, and high power FM and UHF-TV)
  • Communications antenna systems
  • FCC licensing and compliance
  • WCBU-FM90
  • WTVP-TV Channel 47