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Bradley University currently offers cable television service to dormitory rooms on campus, as well as the Saint James Apartments, and participating Greek Houses. Students are responsible for providing the television and a 75 ohm coaxial cable to connect the cable outlet to their television.  Coaxial cables can be purchased at the Bradley Bookstore or other retailers.  If you have trouble with your cable reception, click on "where to get help."

Cable Installation:

1. Turn off your TV and unplug the power cord.

2. Connect the coaxial cable to the "antenna input" jack on the back of your TV, then connect the other end to the cable wall jack. Make sure the connections are snug, but do not over tighten.

3. Plug the TV power cord into an electrical outlet and turn on the TV.

4. Some TVs have a switch to select ANT and CABLE. (TV manufacturers may use different terms, but all should have AIR or CABLE, CAB, CTV, or CATV). Put the switch in the CABLE position. If the TV is not switched to this setting, it will not receive cable TV signals. For TV's without a CATV switch, go to the menu and check to see if the "set up" menu has CATV selected.
If not, select the CABLE or CATV setting.

Can't find the menu button? Try the remote control.

Press "Menu" and instructions should appear on your screen. Your menu will be labeled OFF AIR, ANT or CABLE. Select "CABLE" to set up the TV for cable reception and channel settings. It will probably have an "Auto programming" feature. Select it and wait for the TV to search through all the possible channels. When it is finished, press the "status" or "menu" button as directed. If your remote has no menu button, instructions might appear when the TV is turned on with the remote control.

Channel Listings: (Line up is subject to change without notice).

02    The Weather Channel
03    BU CATV w/The Edge
04    The CW
05    MTV-U
06    WYZZ (Fox)
07    WMBD (CBS)
08    WHOI (ABC)
09    WGN (Chicago)
10    WEEK (NBC)
11    MyNetworkTV (WAOE)
12    WTVP (PBS)
13    Discovery
16    TV Guide
17    Educational Access
18    HSN
19    QVC
20    Religious
21    C-SPAN
22    Public Access
23    TBS
24    BET
25    American Movie Classics
26    VH1
27    ABC Family
28    Lifetime
29    CNN Headline News
30    ESPN
31    ESPN2
32    FX
33    TNT
34    CNN
35    Nickelodeon
36    Bravo
37    Spike
38    CNBC
39    USA Network
40    Food Network
41    A&E
42    Comedy Central
43    HGTV
44    Leased
45    The Learning Channel
46    The Disney Channel
47    MSNBC
48    Animal Planet
49    The Travel Channel
50    Sci-Fi
51    Fox News
52    The History Channel
53    MTV
54    E!
55    TruTV
56    Comcast Sports
57    Fox Sports Net- Midwest
58    Disney XD
59    GAC (Country Music)
60    CMT
61    Hallmark Channel
62    Oxygen
63    Golf Channel
64    Big 10
65    Speed
74    JTV
75    Cartoon Network
76    Style
98    TBN

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I hook up my TV?

Connect one end of a standard coax cable to the outlet box on the wall and connect the other end of the cable to the "Antenna" input on the back of your TV.

Cable Installation

How do I hook up a DVR or Media Center?

Most DVR's or Media Centers make use of RCA cables, DVI or HDMI interfaces. Please refer to the user manual of your DVR/Media Center.

Where do I get coaxial cables?

Bradley University Bookstore sells 75 ohm RF cables to hook up your TV. You can also purchase cables at any store where TVs, DVRs, or other video accessories are sold. They are also referred to as "F-type connector" cables.

How come I am only getting channels 2-13?

In order to receive all channels available on the Bradley cable system, you must use a cable-ready TV. Look for a menu or button that says "CATV" and select that mode.

My TV is cable-ready, so why do I still only get channels 2-13?

You may need to use your remote control to make sure your TV is set to receive cable TV. Press the menu button,go to "set up" and make sure "Cable" or CATV is selected. If "antenna" or "Air" is selected, you won't get cable channels.

How do I make my "cable ready" TV/DVR receive cable TV?

Look for a button on your remote control that reads "TV/CATV" or just "CATV."

Press this button to switch between "regular TV" (over-the-air channels) and "Cable TV" signals. You want "Cable TV" channels, not "air."

You may also look for a button that says "Menu" or "Display." When you press this button, some sort of a menu should appear on the TV screen. Look for an item on the menu that reads "Input" or "TV/CATV" or "Antenna/Cable."

Any one of these items will allow you to switch between regular TV and cable TV signals. You want CATV or Cable, not "air." For further details, check your owner's manual.

What if I do not have remote control on my TV or DVR?

Some TV and DVRs have many of the same buttons as mentioned above located somewhere on the front of the unit. Unfortunately, many new TV and DVRs require a remote control to access many of the programming and set-up functions. You can try a universal remote sold at many electronics stores, but usually a universal remote will only change channels and adjust volume.

What do I do if my TV is not "cable ready?"

It is possible to purchase a cable converter box from some electronics stores, which will allow you to tune your TV to channel 3 and receive cable stations. If you have a DVR, here's another option: leave your TV set on channel 3, select channel 3 output on the back of your DVR, and set up the tuner in your DVR to auto program for CATV (you want "cable," NOT "air") channels.

What channels can I get?

See the Channel Listings.

I have "snow" on all my channels. What should I do?

Check to see if your neighbor has a good signal. If so, maybe your connecting cable is bad. The center pin in your coax cable is very important. If it is too short, it won't make a good connection and you'll see snow in the picture. If it is bent or broken off, it won't make a connection at all. You'll either see snow or a "blue" screen, depending on your TV.

If you have a DVR, check the menu and select CATV. Then select "auto program" to scan for channels. Put your TV on channel 3 (or 4) depending on the switch in the back of the DVR.

Got video? If not, try playing a VHS tape.

No luck? Skip the DVR and try connecting the cable outlet directly into the TV. Make sure your TV is set up for cable (select CABLE or CATV on the TV menu).

Got video? If yes, tune your TV to channel 3 and reconnect the DVR. Read the answer to "How do I make my TV or DVR cable ready?"

Good Cable

Upper Left: an example of a good "F type" connector.

Bent Cable

Upper Right: bent center pin. 
Cable should be replaced. 

Bent Center Pin

Lower Left: bent center pin, 
replace to avoid snow on screen.

Short Center Pin

Lower Right: center pin is too short, replace cable. 

My cable has stopped working. What should I do?

First, check to see if your neighbor's cable is working. If not, there might be a temporary outage.

If everyone else has a good cable signal, except you, then check coaxial cable to make sure that it is still connected to the outlet box and the TV/DVR. Look for any breaks or kinks in the cable as a result of being stepped on, closed in a door, or placed under heavy furniture.

If everything looks okay, call the Bradley "Help Desk" at 677-2964 to schedule a service call.

Where to get help:

Read the FAQs section first.  Check your cable between the TV and the wall outlet.  Try a different cable. Most problems turn out to be caused by bad cables. 

If you have trouble with your cable reception and you live in a Bradley University dormitory: 
Try the FAQ section suggestions.  No luck?  Try calling the Bradley Technology HelpDesk at 677-2964 to schedule a service call. 
They will ask for: 
    Room occupant's name 
    Phone number 
    Building name and street address 
    Room number 
    nature of the cable TV problem 

If you have trouble with your cable reception and you live in Saint James Place apartments: 
Try the FAQ section suggestions.  No luck?  Try calling the Bradley Technology HelpDesk at 677-2964. 

If there is a problem with the cable outlet, repairs can be scheduled by calling the Bradley Technology HelpDesk at 677-2964.