Dialing And Basic Features

Local Calling

Call Type Procedure Example
Bradley Operator Dial 0 0
On Campus Calls Dial last 4 digits of 677-xxxx 3826
From off campus* Dial 677-xxxx 677-3826
From off campus** Dial 495-xxxx 495-7123
To off campus 9-number 9-673-7272
* The 677 prefix includes extensions 1000 - 4199 & 4260 - 4999 and is located on the main campus.
** The 495 prefix includes extensions 7000 - 7999 and is for the St. James Place Complex.

Locating a Phone Number

Bradley Students/Faculty Use the BU online phonebook at http://bradley.edu/directory/
Or, telnet into your bobcat/lydia/hilltop/etc. account and use the command 'ph '
Anyone else Try using a phonebook. Or go online to WhoWhere.com

Free Services

Call Waiting Alerts you if you receive a call while on the line with another caller. You will hear a beep while on the phone, indicating another call on the line.
To answer a call waiting call: Press the switchhook momentarily (or the FLASH button). You will hear three short tones, then dial tone. This means your first call is now on hold. Dial 606 to answer the second call.
To return to the first call: Press the switchhook momentarily (or the FLASH button). After the three short tones, dial 606. You can switch back and forth between callers using the 606 code.
To disable call waiting: If call waiting is disrupting your modem connections, you can disable the feature by dialing 613 first. Call waiting will remain disabled until your next call.

Other Call Types

Toll Free Calls Dial 9-1-toll-free number.
900 Numbers 1-900 numbers cannot be dialed from campus phones.
Calling Card Calls Dial 9-0-area code & number.
Listen for audible prompt, then dial the credit card number.
Collect Calls Dial 9-0-area code & number.
Wait for an operator and ask to make a collect call.
Note: Bradley phones cannot accept incoming collect calls.
Third Party Billing Dial 9-0-area code & number.
Wait for an operator and ask to bill the call to a third party.
After verifying with the third party, the phone company will bill the call directly to them.

Long Distance Calling From Offices

Most offices have direct dial long distance and do not require a calling code. Simply dial the long distance number direct. If you hear three tones after dialing, you need to use a calling code. Dial the code after the long distance number.
Call Type Procedure Example
Long Distance 9-1-area code & number 9-1-555-1212
International 9-011-Country Code-City Code-Number 9-011-65-2222-1111
If you need a Calling Code, call 677-3052 or stop by our office.

Advanced Functions

Phones in offices have access to advanced functionality.
Following is a list of most features. Click on a feature name for more information about that feature, including it's availability to you and how to use it. For information about all features available to your phone, go to the Documentation page and select your phone from the list.